WhatsApp Payment System, A Disruption in the Electronic Transfer Space and Redefining How We Make Transfers


Whatsapp has introduced payments to its messaging app in India, making it the latest service to let users transfer money to one another with a text. This is after months of anticipation,A move that would upset the digital transfer and payment ecosystem forever!

This is called disruption! Nigerians would be happy, no need to use the USSD codes, no cramming of various code, electronic payment to be disrupted and payments to be in the hands of IT firms no more in the banking vaults. Global payment system to change forever,a situation that would make the unbanked in developing countries of Africa and Asia enjoy payment systems.

WhatsApp payment system is set to change the way we make transfers. A true definition of disruption and convergence.

According to industry watcher that doesn’t want to be mentioned , he said that “After the pilot in India, this peer-to-peer payments, would be available in Nigeria and other African countries and it will have profound effect on banks already hemorrhaging from revenue losses.”

WhatsApp rolled out its payments feature to select users across the country to much enthusiasm this week, providing a strong boost to India’s digital payments ecosystem. In a world that technology is fast changing and adoption rates high, This payment model would cause a big fuss in the electronic payment industry and also making bank directors to start wondering what next.

Though , not yet available in Africa, with a pilot project in India, It has been said that the OTT payment was a success! A disruption in the banking system in India and also a sign of things to come in the global banking transfer system. It is a matter of time, the Nigerian and African payment system would change for good. Would banks be a player in the electronic payment and transfer space ? Time would tell. The biggest beneficiaries are the “unbanked”, the petty businesses and the SMEs.

These are the best group to enjoy it with simple website and social media platform and bypassing the encumbrances of erecting payment gateway in their platform….this WhatsApp payment system is set to settle, once and for all.








Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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