What is the cost of the American dream to Nigeria?


“The grass always appears to be greener at the other side of the fence ” a popular proverb and this has been demonstrated here in Nigeria where people , professionals and businessmen jettison everything they do in order to travel to America to live their American Dream and come back and be speaking “I wanna , gonna”. That is a very good one and we must also understand that the streets of New York, Detroit etc aren’t actually pages with gold and platinum. Though infrastructures are there, security and education are also there but you must know that they have worked for it and the country has shown commitment to develop their infrastructure.

I know these people. A man came to Lagos as a young man. He supported himself to school, got a job and later started his career and then got married to a working class lady. He is successful in Nigeria level. He owns a house, drives a car and his wife drives one too. They are blessed with children. He travels with his family every year for a vocation. That to me is Nigerian Dream!

Then he was advised by his “good friends” to immigrate to America. He came with his family I believe on a visiting visas or so. Their visa expired. His wife filed for divorce. They went their separate ways. His wife is now married to another man and he is married to another woman. Children somewhere in school. All is happening within 3 to 6 months. They are now hiding like theives in America. This is people that owns house in Nigeria. I heard they planned to remarry as soon as they all got their permanent stay. Will they recover after the long separation and the thought of your spouse been legally screwed by a fake partner in the name of America dream?

Please don’t say you can’t do try it in your life. Just wait and pray you don’t get to this kind of bridge in your life. Anyway, I was giving up in Nigeria going to be a better until my mind was changed when I read Factfulness by Hans Rosling. Even though the book was full of statistics and mathematics and very difficult for me to understan. But I gained one thing,every country is making progress-mostly invisible to the people inside it. Progress not usually by some government policy but by little little changes in the lifestyle of its citizens. So the book showed me some good things happening in Nigeria (not connected with the President Buhari or any government) and why some foreigners are pumping into the international airport even with the undesirable environment.

So before you see someone in America or Europe enjoying life. Please note that if the fellow is your age then there’s a high possibility that you have the same things if you begin to compare. The only difference is that his country has moved up in their own stage. Do I say life is not easier in the developed world? How do I know if I haven’t entered airplane before. Again, what can we do to reduce the cost we are incurring whenever someone leaves this country?

Chukwuma Okeke

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