Wear or Don’t Appear: Ali Goes to Court For Interpretation



To wear or not to wear uniform seems to be the major discourse going on in the Nigeria Senate. This matter has been raging on for sometime that has concerned citizen have wondered, what is so special about uniform ? Col. Hameed Ali has decided that he will take the Senate to court for more interpretation of whether it is write to wear uniform to an official duty such as appearing before the Senate! In a move that people will term using a cannon to kill a mosquito. The court will interprets this issue and tell the country if he is “right” or not . We all know that Nigeria court is slow and how this might linger on ,we can’t say.

In his letter to Senate , Ali said ““Regarding the wearing of uniform, I wish to advise that the Senate avails itself of the legal basis of its decision to compel me to wear uniform.”

He continued “I am similarly seeking legal advice on this issue so that both the Senate and I will operate within the proper legal framework.”

Nigeria has been dazed, petrified and made to to wonder why a head of a para- military organization that is noted for honor and discipline will not adher to the basic rules of engagement such as wearing an ordinary unifirm. Ego is at stake and as the parties worries about to wear or not to wear the country suffers . Ibrahim Muhammed is noted to be from a military background and it is expected of him to understand what it means to appear in uniform when performing official duties. Though , as a retired army officer, we can’t say that he has decided to have a temporary amnesia because the last time we checked…He was seen wearing APC uniform. Though, some people have come to his defence saying that as a military man he sees it condescending to wear custom uniform. How true this submission is ,that we can’t ascertain as of the time of this report. Will he eat the humble pie? Or do we allow the court to interpret this ? Or do we wait and waste man hours while the nation suffers the consequences of this ego fight? Or do we allow him to appear before the Senate in mufti ? There by setting a wrong precedence for the country. A lot of questions has been raised and answers are not yet forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the country is still battling if the head of Nigeria Custom will appear in uniform or not while forgetting the main thing he was invited ,which was to engage the Senate on the activities of the custom and also know the best policies that will be fashioned out so as to beef up revenue . This is the best time such an engagement will be made ,knowing the economic situation with the country but as it stands now , Nigeria Senate and the custom helmsman is talking about trivialities such as wearing it not appearing in uniform.

Concerned Nigerians are repulsed and have registered their displeasure in this matter.

I don’t know why he’s still dragging this matter. – Lilian Nnedinso, a social commentator. Another Nigeria , Obinna Iwu , a businessman​ said ” when you get to Rome ,you dress like Romans. I don’t know why this man is finding this concept very difficult to grasp” he queried.
A former Governor of Sokoto State and Senator representing Sokoto Central Aliyu Wamakko has condemned the Comptroller General of Customs Col. Hameed Ali, retd, over his face-off with the Senate. He was so bitter that this is left to linger on. He made this statement some few days ago and e opined that he dare not try this during the military era and this is an abuse to democracy. He reiterated that…

Nigeria Customs Personnel in parade

“Under a military government, Col. Hameed Ali would not dare refuse the instructions of his Commanding Officer. He would definitely be charged for treason and court martial. Col. Hameed Ali is not above the law and cannot claim to love Nigeria more than 170 million Nigerians, whose mandate we exercise. The Senate will no longer tolerate affronts on its power,” Wamakko said in the statement signed by his media aide Emmanuel Ado.”
Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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