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One thing is that pertaining to other things of life, there is always the need to rethink any standing positions especially, if the status quo isn’t paying off or favourable. One of the situation that Nigeria as a country has found herself is in a “merry go round ” situation where irrespective of all the awesome plans from vision 2000 to vision 2020,nothing has come out of them. It is basically the economic model we have applied and most importantly duplicity of states and unsustainability of these states. People have canvassed in the need to collapse the “unfuncional” and unsustainable states and merge them with some states. This is basically the principle of economist of scale. If this is applied ,we would see a clear departure from the quagmire the nation has found herself with 80% of states going cap in hands to Abuja every month for allocation.


The truth is that , most states in Nigeria are viable and self-sustaining? Why do we duplicate cost of governance by having 36 States. If we have most of the States merged into one, we will probably cut the cost of governance by half. Take for example: Adamawa/ Taraba/ kogi. Abia/Imo/Ebonyi. Ondo/Osun/Ekiti. . If these states are merged, we will cut off governors security vote, commissioners and personal assistant allowances, state house of assembly allowances . Imagine what development can be achieved with the money saved.

A new generation led government restructuring of the government is what we are offering.


Governance has become too expensive in Nigeria. As of today, most states do not generate sufficiently Internal income and do have over-bloated salaries and recurrent expenditure . This  can be reduced


That is an uphill task, if opposition control the senate. It is based on this situation and other things that we hope that the narrative will be changed. ENN group , a non governmental group with the intention of changing the paradigm would want the conversation of Nigeria changed from what isn’t working today to what will be working. We invite you to come join this campaign to rebuild Nigeria with fresh ideas. #ISTANDWITHENN


Enyinna Nwosu
#ENN Volunteer Group
For the good of Nigeria



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