Watch Crazy Nigerian Fan Shout “Over The Bar” In Russia



As the world cup is going on in Russia, we have seen fans of many teams doing some crazy things to ensure that their team wins from Icelandic clapping to the Mexican wave them to chanting. These are also part of the game and they bring fun to the game ,maybe add color to the round leather game. Nigerian fans has taken this to a new level with their “over the bar chanting” does it work, we don’t know if it does but as a street footballer, it has always been a way to distract the opposing team.

Fans , been part of the game of football, one can’t ignore sometimes them. Sometimes , they contribute to the winning and losing of games. In this world cup match, a Nigerian man was shouting “Over the bar” a local chant that fans chant for their opponents in Nigeria to play the penalty over the bar. The chant has a way of distracting the player.

Nigeria is one of the countries playing at the Russia 2018, the walloped Croatian 2 :0 the penalty should have brought Croatia back to the game but loo and behold the missed it ,leaving the team with just a point in the group while Nigeria and Iceland top the group.

Nigeria would be meeting Iceland in Georgia next future which is on Tuesday.

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