As a Christian the need to walk and work with the Holy spirit is importance. He is the comforter and the teacher. In Acts 2 vs 1 – 4 the Bible showcased and demonstrated the importance of the holy spirit as Jesus said ” I would send you a comforter.” Holy Spirit is what every Christian need to direct him in this perilous world. Holy Spirit is the rudder that directs the Christian in the stormy waters of this world.

In the acts of apostle, the apostles prayed and the wall shook. They were in one according. This has always been the modus operandi of the spirit of God ! There must be one accord and the need to pray together is important. As a child of God, one must always be spiritual. Holy Ghost gives one the boldness and empowerment. As of them , these apostles were always afraid of persecution and harassment by the Jewish and Roman authorities , but when they received the Holy spirit they became bold to the extent that they confronted these people and preached the word of salvation to them !


So we must know that once we have the spirit in us , we can’t be threatened and the boldness would be in us to conquer the world. The problem with most of us Christians is that due to banality and canal things w lot of Christians have lost the need to pray and thereby losing the spirit.

In Acts, Peter was so bold that people were marveled! This was the same Peter who was fearful to the extent that when a woman confronted him on his knowledge of Jesus Christ he denied ever knowing him before and this is the same Peter that was bold and knowledge, this was the changes that Holy Ghost brought to him and that is what the Holy Spirit still does, it is the comforter and gives one boldness to confront the principalities of evil.

Holy Ghost filled Christians don’t feel threatened in any circumstances. This is what every Christian is expected to do ! Any Spirit filled Christian must jettison fears and all form of phobia because once the Holy Spirit is there , fear is none existing.

Holy Spirit makes us to be less carnal and more spiritual, Spirit filled Christians don’t get overwhelmed by earthly things or money. Just like in the days of the Acts of the Apostles, they shared things amongst themselves and have little attachment material things. This is one thing that Christians must experience. Greed and kleptomaniac tendencies aren’t the things that are mostly associated with. This was shown in Acts 5 vs 1 – 5 , here the story of Ananias and his wife Sapphira was made known. The couple were overwhelmed with the material things that they allowed Satan to use them to lie, a situation the Holy Spirit didn’t find funny.

Holy spirit bird flies in skies, bright light shines from heaven, white dove – symbol of love and peace – descends from sky

As a Holy Ghost filled christian, lies, covetousness and greed wouldn’t be part of your life. The story of the above mentioned couple demonstrated that. Hi walk in the spirit entails vigilance. The spirit would give you the spirit of discernment and eye to stay awake in the things of God. This means by meditating in the word of God and doing the right thing .Once you walk in the spirit, the spirit determines our health, our wealth, our well-being and so much and it is always advisable to walk in the spirit. It makes us victorious

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Reference Verses

Ephesians 6 vs 12

Acts 5 vs 1 – 5

Acts 20 vs 22 – 24

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