As we pray daily, there has always been a need to wait upon God. But the big question is ; do we wait on God? Do we have the patience the patience to do that?These days, people are in a haste especially the Christians. Patience is becoming a luxury and a scarce commodity. The Bible has made us understand the need to be patient and wait upon the Lord. The need to wait for God is important, as a child of God, you must cast all your troubles , challenges to God and wait upon him.

Isaiah 40 vs 31, But they that wait upon the Lord hall remain their Strength and map out wings like eagles…. The book of 49 vs 23 also made us understand the need to wait upon the Lord.

Though, at a time, there might be doubt and also it might seem that God is silence but know that there are various answers for prayers. Some prayers are answered by either Yes, No or Wait. So why would God not answer you ? Because he said ask, seek and find but you must do what the waiters do. If you go to big restaurants, you would see waiters and these set of people aren’t the owners of the hotel but they wait on people and they are patient. So we must take a cue from the waiters.

I have been believing God for this and I have been praying for this! Ha w you ever asked why God isn’t answering. Most Christian have the challenges of knowing what to do while waiting on the Lord. There are rules to this and there are no exception.

How to wait upon the Lord and there are things one ought to do.

Waiting truly on God, is one thing we must always do. Do not ever wait upon men. God would use any man as a vessel to help you but never ever wait on men. You are the only person that can truly answer if you are waiting on Lord or some men.

Take the eagle, the bird as an example, the eagle is a bird that renews itself. Christian’s must be patient with God.

Make a list of all he has done for you in the time past. Psalm 103 and Revelation 13 vs 11 are some pointers to this. Testimony is the money you pay to bail out yourself from the prison of test. One must be open and show gratitude. The way Paul and Silas demonstrated this when they were in prison, they believed that if God can do it for Peter he can do it for them also. One must be able to key into some external and internal testimonies. Have you ever asked what prompted the duo of Paul and Silas to pray and have hope on God. They keyed into the testimony of Peter.

Many of us are in church but sadly, we don’t know God. How can you wait on God when you don’t know him and understand his ways.

We should understand that many of the things that we ask of God might be vane and useless. God can give you what you need that works and be of value! The need to understand this becomes imperative. In Acts of the Apostles the apostles were patient and they waited on the Lord .

In the book of 1 Samuel, chapter 8, King Saul was shown that he couldn’t wait upon the Lord and Samuel was there to point it out. Absalom rose up against King David and he forgot that God is with David and he lacked the patient to wait and understand David.. we all know how to wait on David.

Direct your prayers to God. You must have a direction in your prayers, don’t have aimless prayers and don’t just speak in tongues you don’t know. Your prayers must have a focus and you must be focus. These are the things that you can do as a Christian. You must always pray without ceasing and then allow God to do what he knows how to do best which is blessing.

Message from
Faith Cathedral International Ministries
Lagos State

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