My Visit to Optician and Salient Life Lessons Learnt – Faith Obika.O.

There is no time that is late to start up anything.


The other day when I saw my optician, I complained bitterly about my current recommended glasses which has been straining my eyes lately, seems my eyes perform better without them and I have worn them for two years…is it not supposed to correct?

The man looked at me and asked me nicely ‘how old are you madam?’ I answered him feeling like a young girl that is tired of wearing glasses. He just told me ‘you are too old for ANY eye correction’. He went further to say that the period of correction elapsed as far back as when I was 13 or 14 years old. And in fact right now the eyes is reacting because it needs a new recommendation(this was after series of tests). Bottom line is madam you will wear medicated eye glasses very well in your lifetime?. I was humbled. So whether I like it or not this is a necessity for life.

But that’s not why am writing this epistle, this story just shows us that one day it will be too late to actually do some things. Yes we are told that its never too late to start, that one is to encourage you to start and that is because they see you can actually start at the point you are that moment…the truth is it will get to a point and the opportunity will not be for you anymore. The fact that you dream about or talk about it everyday doesn’t not translate into reality. The reality is to actually do something deliberately. For example you love to play football and it is when you clock 35years that you want to play because neymar is smiling to the bank and inside your heart you know you are better than neymar…no one will ever take you even with your age and experience in ‘talking’ football. Simply because your time has passed.

Friends, whether you make a move or not life will surely go on without you. I know the ‘I am unique’ gospel but my dear if you dont do it someone else will. I know you believe in yourself, so let us move from believing to actually working what we believe of ourselves. Yes you can do it but one day you will not be able to do it again…why…you missed your train…and then you have to just live with what you are presented with.

Faith .O.Obika



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