PDP frowns at and condemns violence in Abia State



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is appalled by the emergence of a video clip which has gone viral, that shows acts of humiliation against unarmed civilans by members of the Nigerian Military. That if true, it’s the depth of callousness and a further descent into the gutter by people who are paid to protect life, property as well as the Country’s territorial integrity.

2. The PDP believes that human life is sacrosanct and must be treated as such by all and sundry; the right to life and liberty as enshrined in our Constitution and other international conventions must therefore not only be respected and protected, but must be seen to be so.

3. The PDP welcomed the iniative of the Nigerian Army’s probe on the issue but given the enormity of this allegation and the respect with which we hold life, the Party hereby calls for the setting up of an independent panel of experts on human rights to ascertain the veracity of this allegation. Where they are proven to be true, the PDP demands that all perpetrators as well as all those connected, however remotely, be immediately brought to justice. This would go a long way to not only serve as a deterrent, but also reassure the international community that Nigeria is not a jungle but a decent society where human rights are being promoted.

4. Finally, the PDP frowns at and condemns violence in all its ramifications and calls on all Nigerians, wherever they are, to eschew it and live peacefully with one another.

Long live Nigeria! Long live the PDP!!


Adm. Chinwe I. Nnorom
Head, Publicity Division
for: National Publicity Secretary

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