The Nigerian Police Force is said to be one of the best in Africa , having made great and tremendous strides in international peacekeeping missions, though at home , Nigerians seem to have a penchant of attacking the force.  Having said this, the Vice President, YemiOsibanjo took his social media to eulogise the national police force on the job they have been doing lately in keeping Nigeria and Nigerians safe. He also announced that The Federal Government has also approved the recruitment of 10k junior cadre officers.

In his words, the Vice President  said The Nigerian Police Force is without a doubt, a national asset. It is the largest Police Force in Africa.

“They have led police peacekeeping activities in several countries of the world such as Congo, Namibia, Angola, Bosnia Herzegovnia, Kosovo and even as far as East Timor.Locally, between January and this month, they have arrested 2,348 armed robbery suspects, over 1400 suspected kidnappers, 649 murder suspects and safely rescued 826 kidnap victims”, Osibanjo opined.

He added “In the course of duty, many have paid the ultimate price. Many often go beyond the call of duty and in challenging conditions, working to make our communities safer.We are grateful for your service to this nation.”Image result for NIGERIAN POLICE LOGO

Not yet done, the Vice President asked for conformity and compliance is statutes and the r of law. As a professor in law, he quipped “The Nigerian people want to see more compliance. They insist they want to see more compliance with the Rule of Law and with the observance of human rights in dealing with ordinary Nigerians…Recently, many groups and individuals have complained about the arrest of young men and women just because they look successful and are carrying laptops.”

On harrasement of the youths by the police, Osianjo said , Yes, we must apprehend “Yahoo” criminals but we cannot harass young men and women going about their legitimate businesses.

“I am pleased to note that the Inspector-General has most importantly recently reviewed the standardization, and simplification of Force Order 237 Rules of Engagement (RoE) with the active collaboration of several international development partners.For it’s part, the Federal Government has facilitated the passage of the Police Trust Fund (Est.) Act, to which Mr. President has assented.The groundwork for the take off of the Act are progressing steadily”, he concluded.



Anthony Emeka Nwosu

The Nigerian people want to see more compliance. They insist they want to see more compliance with the Rule of Law and with the observance of human rights in dealing with ordinary Nigerians…


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