VDT is a leading broadband communication service provider in Nigeria, with over 15 Years’ experience in providing Internet Service has launched advanced 4G broadband services.  According to the industry standards, it is the closest to the latest 5G which many countries haven’t rolled out. The VDT 4G internet service is said to revolutionise the internet usage in Nigeria and bridging the digital divide by bringing superfast internet at great price.

VDT, a subsidiary of Bitflux, said the retail broadband service dedicated to private users and SMEs space would witness the same premium quality service that they offer for big corporates.

Speaking during the launch, Abiodun Omoniyi, Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of VDT said Internet access would reach more Nigerians in their homes.


“Irrespective of the existence of other players in the market, the decision to launch VDT 4G LTE service is owing to the gaps existing in the market due to poor quality networks, customer service and support service which the market is notorious of. VDT 4G LTE Advanced has come to fill these gaps with superior network quality, top-notch network performance and proactive customer and support services.

Reiterating the position of the Managing Director, Mrs. Bimbo Ikumariegbe, The Deputy Managing Director/Chief Operating Officer, said that with the level of acceptance and enthusiasm that the company received during the launch, that she is confident that Nigerians would come to understand the full meaning of superfast internet and this have demonstrated their preference for high-quality network and above all, good customer support services.

With over 15 Years’ experience in providing Internet Service and other communication services to companies in all the 36 States of Nigeria, including 23 Banks. The VDT 4G LTE-Advanced brand was created to provide the same level of reliability VDT is known for to Personal and Small-Business Internet Users.



Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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