What is harmful about cigarettes is not the tobacco. Nor the nicotine it is the smoke that creates tar! This is what vaping tries to answer and it’s doing that successfully, hopefully! What is vaping? vaping is the action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device

It is the process of burning the tobacco, and worse, of the combustion being incomplete.

Which means that a lot of toxic substances will be created by the burning process. 4000+, we are told. And amongst them 50 carcinogens.

The burning process produces tar, that accumulates on your lungs. That can’t be good.

However, the great killer of smokers is not, as you might think, lung cancer. The great killer is heart disease and other circulatory accidents, like strokes. Mostly due to inhaling CO and other venoms. All of them created by the burning process.

What you inhale by vaping is mostly 4 substances: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and some edible flavoring. Besides trace amounts of other substances, in too small quantities to cause any harm.

None of these substances is harmful in any way. Except for nicotine, that being a mild stimulant, will momentarily raise your blood pressure or heart beat. Such as any other mild stimulant, like caffeine.

Besides that, some flavorings might have some level of toxicity, as the original substance is already toxic. Like menthol. The level of toxicity from flavorings is always trace amounts, too small to cause harm.

You are already familiar to the idea that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Scientists are very conservative people, and so will not risk overstatements. Personally, i think those 95% are underrated.

Anyway, that is the difference between smoking a pack a day or smoking a cigarette a day. You decide.

Another huge pro for vaping is that it allows smokers to keep the habit. By switching to vaping, smokers will get rid of the vice while keeping the habit.

That is the main reason why vaping is so successful in helping people to get rid of cigarettes.

And we know that the habit is the hardest to beat, if you are looking to stop smoking.


Well, vaping is not exactly a healthy habit. In the same way that drinking coffee or tea is. We all know it isn’t healthy.

So, if you don’t smoke, there is no reason why you should vape.

People are vaping for almost 15 years now. A lot of long term data was already collected, and so far no long term effects of vaping were found.

Even if some long term effect is found (unlikely), you have 15 years to think about it

Fernando Baptista

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