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The term anointing has been abused these days by some Christians and this has made a lot of people misuse the term “Anointing”. The importance of this term cannot be overemphasized in the life of any Christian. In Luke 4;18 the Bible made it clear on the importance of been anointed as a Christian. The anointing makes one to be wary and careful of what he is she does.

The anointing that we talk about today is the fullness of the type revealed in Jesus Christ. Christ as a name basically means the anointed one. We see this in the following scriptures:Luke 3:21 When all the people were baptized, it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized; and while He prayed, the heaven was opened. This act demonstrates that Christ was (is) an anointed one ,for the heaven to open !

Also ,in the next chapter which is Luke 3:22 said “And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven which said, “You are My beloved Son; in You I am well pleased.”

Today, people are looking at Christianity as a social club which is a big aberration. Christianity is basically about obeying the instructions and following the instructions. Christians are not going to churches these days to take the word of God but here good and nice things by the preacher. This is not understanding how the anointing works. As a Christian it is imperative to obey and understand the instructions given by the anointed person . This notion was demonstrated in the Bible during the time of Baptism of Jesus Christ when Jesus was introduced as a son of God and the Bible put it in this way ” this is my son on whom I trust hear him “. In this message one can deduce that God introduced Jesus Christ as the anointed one and also mandated people (John the Baptist inclusively) to obey and hear him. This is to buttress that anointing and obedience work hand in hand .

Anointing bring glory , favour and honor in the life of every Christian ! God gives result once we key into His words. Children of God must be very carefully while dealing with the Anointed . The anointing that any Christian doesn’t value doesn’t value the person.

As anointed person, if you don’t understand how anointing works , one would walk into problems. As anointed person, one must be very careful on how he conducts himself in public and private, his utterances and what he says matters. Whoever he cursed is cursed and whoever he blessed is blessed. And as anointed one , it is better to know that once hands are laid on you , you have transformed from that ordinary individual to a better individual! Also ,Christians must know that the anointing that they don’t value becomes a reproach most times . It is imperative that we respect people that respect God!

Anointing is God’s presence in us. If we don’t have anointing or close to anointing it makes an average Christian vulnerable. When a Christian is anointed is for a purpose and when the unction comes on you, one should be careful on how it is used. People especially anointed people must also know that not because they carry unction means that they should t humble themselves or be proud. The singular fact that anointing is there is one major factor that should make one humble.

Anointing can be called an enabler, it is God’s power in flesh enabling the physical to do a lot of spiritual manifestation. This is one thing that anointing is and basically it isn’t bought ,it is a free thing and God gives it to His children freely! Anointing is what separates Christian from unbeliever. It is what places value on the individual and makes one special child of God! For anointing to favor any Christian, one must position himself well.
1 Samuel 10 Vs 9 also made the issue of anointing clearer ! With anointing one gets unmerited favor . Anointing is contacted by either laying of hands or contact. It is transfered from one being to another .

With anointing you have been enabled to do things that you could not have done ordinarily.

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