Two Sides Of Gullibility – Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi



In other to avoid being tagged gullible, many people have rushed into attacking religion. Just like drunks can easily quote in their favor where Paul asked brother James to drink small for his stomach, many who wants to be seen as not being gullible now sings RELIGION IS THE OPIUM OF THE MASSES as song like the sheep in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. They now sing it everywhere they go.

These people have attributed every of their problem to religion and for them religion is the reason Nigeria and Africa isn’t working. These people thinks that not being gullible is not believing in God. They think insulting a man of God online means he isn’t gullible.

Brother, you can be an atheist and still be gullible. I was on a tread today where someone demonized religion. He threw up pictures of an abandoned baby, whose abandonment was alleged to have been facilitated by a pastor. With that ugly incident and the story backing it, he told two lies. But many people kept insulting churches and condemning religion on that tread. They were unable to spot the lies because they are gullible.

You are gullible when you are not using your good given brain. When you suspend reason or send reason to holiday. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, educated or an atheist. And I really don’t know who is telling some of this Nigeria atheists that being an atheist translates to being wise. It is gullibility that can make one think that religion is the major problem of Africa. That’s a lie. Religion is far from the problem of Africa. Why did religious bodies built schools that produced scientists in America and Europe? Why did churches in Eastern Nigeria built and managed schools that produced educated people, before the useless Nigeria government stole and destroyed those schools?

For me, the number 1 problem of Africa is lack of Education. Millions of Africans are uneducated and many that were educated are not properly educated. Wrong teaching is a deadly disease. That’s why an African will make a pastor his God. That’s why an African man will donate his last earned money to a jet flying pastor. You can’t be fooled by a pastor if you are properly educated. Lack of Education is the reason we Africans are poor amidst huge natural resources. That’s the same reason Africans will keep supporting useless politicians that have been raping them mercilessly. It’s the reason why an African will support a corrupt politician, and when you tell him that the politician is corrupt, he will tell you to tell him which Court declared him corrupt. Can you believe that a PDP man was today supporting Ali Ndume for Senate President. When he was confronted and told that the said person have been fingered as a sponsor of terrorism, he said that no Court have proven that. One day they will ask you which Court proved Satan guilty.

When a post says something you like, read with your reasoning in tact. Something not true might be hidden in the lines.

Elochukwu Ohagi

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