Two Catholic Priests Beaten Mercilessly By Masquerades In Enugu



Two Catholic Priests of Nsukka Diocese were on Thursday 12 July 2018, manhandled and severely injured by some youths of Ogbodu-Aba in Udenu Local Government Area, Enugu State.
Rev. Fr. Peter Chikwado Udaya, the parish priest of St. Patrick’s Parish Ibenda and Rev. Fr. Daniel Tochukwu Akubue, the parish priest of St. Mary’s Parish Ada-Obollo and the assistant Diocesan Liturgist, were attacked as they were going back to their duty posts after a brief visit from St. Charles Parish Eha-Ndiagu.

It was gathered that as the two clergy men got to Ogbodu-Aba, they were stopped, blocked and shamefully harassed by some masquerades and the slightest attempt by the priests to inquire what was amiss were greeted with rains of lashes and massive downpour of slaps from every side.

The youths rounded them up and made it difficult for them to escape and pounced on them until the two priests sustained serious injuries.

The crowds that gathered as the incident was going on – did not even help the priests; instead they encouraged and hailed the youths to go on with their mischievous act.

According to reports, the two priests were eventually rescued by Mr. Stephen Eze and his wife who later was said to have been ostracized by the community members.

Shepherd Communications learnt that Fr. Chikwado Udaya during the attack, sustained a lot of injuries some of which affected his vision. In fact, since the ugly incident occurred, he has not been able to see with one of his eyes. He has already undergone an eye operation but the situation is still bad. Fr. Akubue Daniel as at the time of filing this report is still receiving treatment.

Nedu Willim

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