Tribute To A Great Neighbor & Wonderful Woman


Some days ago  I attended the funeral service of a woman I admire so much. I met her when I was preparing for my wedding, a next door neighbour at my husbands family house.

Words will fail me to describe her, my hubby has 4 brothers, this woman attends all our events no matter the distance, and she comes with a token no matter how small. She is always there for everyone.

Asides that, there is something that stands her out, She’s been married to her husband for 43 years, they are retired and all their children are married. But they are always together, they do everything together like new lovers. Anytime I go to visit, I just want to catch a glimpse of them, seeing them makes my day. You just know that they are in love.

Even the neighbours can attest that they have never heard them quarrel.

I remember when I was pregnant with my son, I was driving in and saw them holding hands taking a walk, i parked the car and teased them, Daddy gave her a peak, and said ” yes she is my baby girl” chai I just melt. See old people dey play love.

Today Mummy is no longer with us. I couldn’t look into daddy’s eyes.

She died a fulfilled woman, she gave instruction on how she should be buried before she departed. Mama looked 40 even at 65 thanks to love. Love makes you young in and out.

I am pained, I wonder how he will survive without her. Today is one of those days I ask why people die.

Rest in peace great woman

May God bless marriages with His Love.



Princess Wanawana

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