My travails with a 17 year old pregnant girl




I think this is a case of child abuse as at when the deed was done. I also think it is a case of self inflicted pain. At this moment, what do you think he should do? Hear him :

“Ben I am in serious need of your candid advice. After I finished my WAEC in 2011, a friend of mine called me to come and stay with him in Abuja and look for something doing because there was no money to futher my education.

While staying in his house at Abuja, one of our neighbor’s daughter started looking for me up and down till I fell in love with her, we started our relationship from there till I got her pregnant at the age of 17, I was 23 then. Her mum was a single mother with 3 daughters and non of them know their father. She is from Akwa Ibom. Immediately the Mum noticed her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, she sent her parking to my friend’s house where I was squatting until my friend said I should look for a place to live and leave his house, that he can’t continue with me and the pregnant teenager in one room, then the little money I saved in my account, I went and rent a one room, where I parked in with her till she give birth to a baby boy.


After she has given birth, I went to her mum’s house, begging her so that she will return to her house with the baby so that I will be catering for her and the baby but her mother refused. And my mother at the village don’t have anything, she is so poor with no help. She even depends on me, so I can’t take her to village. So we stayed together till the boy turned one year and two months and she became pregnant again.

This time around, I don’t know what to call it either mistake or what, I don’t known. I was so ashamed of myseif. Ben as I am writing to you now, I will live with a boy and a girl together in one room. My work cannot provide for me and the family any longer. My salary is only N15000.. And her mum is not doing anything to assist us.


My problem now is that her mum is not ready to show us her father, she only say that whenever I am ready, she will direct me to her father’s house, not to take me there. She say she will only direct me to the village. Now the girl is very stubborn, she can’t even respect me or my mother. The last time my mom came to nurse the new born baby, she showed her hell.

My mother say she will never come to my house again. Even as I don’t have money now to pay the dowry but I want to know the father but her mother refused to take me to the him. I am living with her without knowing her father. And I love my 2kids so much.”





With Ben Victor main and Ben Victor back Up!

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