In today’s modern and ever changing world , the need to chastise and train a child is becoming increasingly difficult. With a lot of communication, music , images, actions and nuances displayed in all form of media from the TV to the Internet and radio. These things are what the children copy and most time the parents are away ! As a Christian there shouldn’t be any cause cause of alarm. In Proverbs 26 versus 6 said “Train up a child in the way of the Lord so that when he grows he wouldn’t depart from it.”

We Christian must be mindful of what we watch, do and act in front of the children. The child’s brain is like a sponge, he soaks up all the information without sieving and selecting it. In today’s world baby mama and baby father is becoming acceptable! The society is getting used to single parenthood! This is not what God planned for us.

If a parent doesn’t train the child when they are young, they would be a source of lamentations to the parents. Spare the rods and spoil the child. When a kid rings something into the house, it is the duty of the parents to always question the child and know the source of these things that they brings.

Training is something very important in the life of the child. Even in the churches, the pastors are like the father and their duty is to ensure that the members and congregation do the right thing. Though majority of the churches are finding this action hard, by here we ensure that we make people be on the straight path not on path of perdition. This is what we stand for .

Apart from education, always give the kids a special skill! Be it vocational or occupational. The need to have skills is imperative in this 21st century! To train up means to prepare one for the future by equipping him to stand the rigours of the society and how he would adapt in future.

The reason why we are having some of these societal challenges today is because many people are not well trained. This is a fact! As a parent, we must always keep our children in check. Mothers are becoming lazy and always frown at whoever chastises their children while the men are done once they take a couple of bottles. That is the society we are in today! As a Christian, the Bible is clear on the path we should take as a parent.

To train means to develop someone in good character , behaviour and morals. It means also you bring up one in the way of the Lord! Parents, teachers and guardians do have a big role to play in training up a child. The child has phases from infancy to childhood then to juvenile (young adult) with these developmental phases in life, one must know the approach to use on these children. Many of us would rather build houses and buy fine shoes and clothes while our kids suffer. We must learn how to make sacrifices for the children. That is the essence of fatherhood or parenthood!

When you train your children well, it is a source of joy. It’s not about the food or the clothes you give to them, it’s about education! The friend they keep matters . In 1 Samuel 2 versus 12 demonstrated this when Samuel was on the company of Eli’s sons yet he choose to do the work of the Lord instead of following the children of Eli!

The need to inculcate some habits in children early is very imperative! When they grow up ,they wouldn’t grow up. Though fathers are not always around but mothers mustn’t hide any misgivings of the children or their misbehaviour. Hiding this has behaviour is encouraging the child. So parents must always chastise the children in line with the biblical principles.

The need to work hard and let the kids understand that there is dignity in labour. They must know that no food for a lazy man and hardwork pays!

Give your child a Bible, you have given him the whole world. The word of God is the best thing that a child needs. By the upbringing of a child you will know when you see them in public. If you are not brought up as a gangster you would never be a gangster or all tattooed up ! Even when the parents are not there. Unfortunately, many of the Christians don’t know that it takes the grace of God to be there .

Jesus Christ was also trained by his parents! Nobody is bigger than training…training is a continuous thing. This means that parents must always be abreast with the latest trends in life. You can’t know and you want to train. As a parent, you must always be abreast with the latest going so that you can guide the child in the best way to go.

In Ephesians chapter 6 versus 1 also mandated the children to always obey their parents ! Most parents today do not talk to the children or can’t talk to the children because they are bread winners. This situation isn’t right.

Parents must take appropriate care for the children. The children are gift to parents and when these children turns out good , it is to the benefit and credit to the parents. Do not prevent your kids from following Christ because if he does there is tendency to follow crisis.

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