Iyana Ipaja , a busy and densely populated suburb of Lagos, witnessed a colossal accident that saw a trailer capsize from the top of the bridge, spilling it’s contents. As of the time of report, it hasn’t been ascertained if there were human casualties! This isn’t the first this year in Lagos or that axis!

As it looks, the vehicle was coming from the Ipaja -Alagotan axis heading to Agege axis, climbing the bridge as it looks, the vehicle lost control and the much needed torque to climb the overhead bridge en route to Agege. Knowing the state most of these trailers are, majority of them can be said to be anything but roadworthy! There has been reported accidents that has happened due to the lack of road worthiness of these vehicles and this has put Lagosians in harms way.

Infrastructural deficiency has been one of the biggest challenge to Nigeria. This situation has seen businesses collapse or has made doing business hectic and difficult, especially in a city like Lagos. If there were efficient and strong bridge protection , this vehicle would have been protected by that , but from the look of things, the bridge protection is in a high state of disrepair making it easier for cars and trucks to capsize coupled with little or no road signs at that Iyana Ipaja busy axis.

As the rail is not efficiently most of the businesses have resorted to the use of road to carry their goods . This situation has put undue pressure on the infrastructure ,leading to a total collapse.


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