Anambra Ups The Narrative With Top Notch Agro Allied Export Business (PHOTOS)


Recently, the call for diversification has been on the lips of economic watchers and stakeholders . Experts have opined that ICT and agriculture would be viable export products and commodities for the country and would be a good foreign exchange earner. But, as we all know, talk is cheap and the need to walk the talk is imperative but with low political will by the handlers of the states.

With good weather and arable lands, Nigeria can be said to be well positioned and prime for agro export business. Having the required skill set in this area, with favorable trade bilateral agreement with Europe and also coupled with the former agriculture minister who is the African head in agro allied financing, the table has been literally laid for states that can key into this revolution.

Anambra as we have all known has always lead the pack, serving as a point of reference ,though ,some political watchers will tag it as a political move in readiness for the upcoming elections. To the optimist, it is a change of narrative from the national trading which the state is known for to an international agro allied exporter. I will share a piece of information about agro-produce export with accompanying pictures to support this notion.

It has turned out a reality.

This was at SAHCOL export shed last week when three lorries from Anambra State turned in to offload farm produce.

Now, the most exciting.

The Anambra Agricultural Products were exported to Europe and in full distribution after clearing.

Look at the packaging, that is the selling point, as it is with every other product, to penetrate any market be it international or domestic, the product packaging has to be “on point” this has been demonstrated by the latest Anambra agro export.

The offtaker actually confessed that the EU officials at the point of entry were really highly impressed with the packaging. This is a good news for Nigeria.

There is hope for Nigeria if we choose to do and support good Initiatives. This isn’t in collaboration with ABX courier, known for its adherence to the best global practise in agro allied cargo handling. In what we may tag as a formidable team. The era of oil export is waning and commodities exports gaining grounds.Well done ABX world team led by Capt. John T Okakpu.


By Peter Oluka



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