Tony Ojobo: The Exit of an Quintessential Public Servant



Tony Ojobo, Director Public Affairs Department retired from Public Service at the age of 60, on Friday October 5, 2018.

Ojobo joined the Commission in 2000, as Deputy Director Projects in the Office of the Executive Vice Chairman/ CEO- Chief Ernest Ndukwe, where he was saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the coordination of the World Bank Consultancy in the Commission in Institutional Strengthening and Development.

He was equally responsible for the coordination of the telecoms service Demand Study carried out by growing Businesses Foundation on behalf of NCC, preparatory to the Licensing of Digital Mobile Operators in Nigeria.

In 2002, he became Deputy Director Administration; then became Head Licensing and and Zonal Operations; Acting Director Human Capital and Infrastructure Group and eventually took control of the Department as its Director in 2010. He was then redeployed to the Public Affairs Department in October, 2012, a position he retained till his retirement on 5th October, 2018.

Ojobo has been defined as a highly bred Public Servant, committed, determined, hardworking, team spirited and a persona representation of nobility.

Ojobo was synonymous with NCC, because wherever he went, he needed no introduction. He was known as the brand image maker of the Commission. He was the entrusted mouthpiece of the Commission.

He dedicated his entire life to the workings of the Commission, even though Ojobo is also a Pastor and, a scholar who is currently pursuing his PHD in Entrepreneurial and Leadership studies at Walden University in U.S.A.

Does it mean Ojobo has no time for socializing?
The answer is No! Ojobo is a person who values the good things of life, committed to his family, coworkers and friends outside the Commission.

He carries a blended serious face, that becomes neutralized by his infectious smile. A very approachable and accessible personality, who operates an open door policy, and, is ever willing to engage with his staff to move the Department and Commission forward.

He lives his life abiding by the principle that- the best investment you can give to the future is in the present and that reflects the successes and accomplishments achieved by him.

Ojobo’s aura will continue to be felt in the Commission, the industry and everywhere he is known. His footprints in the telecoms industry will last the test of time and bespeak for him.

We wish you the very best Sir, in your future endeavours. Your future shall be greater than the past, ameen.

We love you and will surely miss you!!!


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