Tips for Success: Allow yourself to be broken first before God’s breakthrough




As a child of God, success is always at ones finger tips, it is left for one to make use of it. If you do something tangible or legitimate, that is when God would bless you. This concept is what Christians must understand, the basic principles of life is this…the need to work and understand the need to have patience and work towards it. Blessed is the man who sits in the sit of the unjustly … Evil Communication corrupts good manners. Those people that you call your friends, when the chips are down, you will know that many of them are eating, drinking and fun loving friends not real friends.

According to Psalm 26 vs 4, as a Christian, there is a need to have friendship evaluated. The introduction of wordiness in the church had been an issue in Christianity today. It is said that whatsoever a man sows, he reaps, so is a popular saying.

As a Christian, the issue of associations and the circle of friends that one keep is very important . It has been established that association corrupts and one must be very careful on this aspect of life.


According to Fred Obetoh, the General overseer of Faith Cathedral Ministry, Lagos opined that

” As a Christian, you must be somebody of integrity and must be predictable. That’s the essence of Christianity. For there to be a breakthrough in ones life, one must allow God to break the individual first….before the breakthrough”.

Prayers doesn’t put food on the table but prayer presents opportunity. One must have an open eye in life because , when one walks with people of no vision will end up going nowhere …it’s a poor man mentality that that looks at the weather and says it would rain and wouldn’t go anywhere. A little sleep and a little folding of hands…poverty will set in. As a Christian, one shouldn’t fold his hands and stay at home, the need for every man to re evaluate his position as a man of the house, would be the driving force for any man.

Any man that wants to succeed in life must first of all have a plan. In a light mood, Poor people shouldn’t blame witches and wizard for their misfortune because the level of their poverty would drive these “witches and wizards”. Indirectly, the need for one to understand that life is a pragmatic thing and the attribution of success to some supernatural forces like witches and others in Africa is one thing that has blinded people. This is the undoing of many African countries and people.

There must be need for one to determine within himself that one must be a success and this is one of the driving force. The need to avail oneself the opportunity to learn and understudy people. Friendship must be censored…for one to able to love to a new level.

Most Preachers have made some Christians confused on the issue of prosperity and it’s principles. Today some of the preachers don’t care to ask congregation or whoever brings the money the source of the money. The need to change this narrative is important, most successful people have paid their dues and the the gradual process to stardom is what must be encouraged.

Our attitude and our lifestyle is what would make Lord to bless anybody . In Psalm 1 vs 1 – 3 , God has it that all succeed in anything he lays his hand on. But, for this to manifest, the individual must find something tangible to do. Also, it would be of note that for one to be a success, there must be a Godly counsel in ones life. When a man is in a path of success, he must have a person of Godly character to look unto for advise and counsel. One must serve somebody to understand the basic rudimentary success. It can be your pastor, your mentor or anybody that is of influence. For one to he great, one must serve, this is a popular saying.


Culled from the
8th October 2017



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