Established in 2007 in Hong Kong, itel Mobile is an innovative brand specializing in mobility solutions. With its brand philosophy “Join · Enjoy”, itel endeavored to empower every individual by providing best in class, reliable and trendy communication devices at an affordable rate. Its product portfolio comprises smartphones, tablets and feature phones.

Over the past decade the brand has become a household name in the industry spreading its presence in 50 countries across the globe. In 2016, itel reached a landmark sales volume of 50 million handsets, claiming to be among the top 3 mobile brands in Africa.

Earlier in the week, the brand launched a campaign where they said they are the most preferred mobile phone brand and are giving everyone a change to own a smartphone via the smartphone for everyone campaign.

The went ahead to give three reasons and these includes:

Reason 1Mainstream brand to be trustworthy

  1. Reliable Brand: itel has successfully distributed its products across more than 50 countries with accumulated 160,000,000 end-users. It is now a brand which favored by consumer in worldwide and the brand has been awarded the “Most-Admired Brand in Africa”, ranking 25th above Microsoft and Vodafone.
  2. Reliable technology: itel has established core partnership with global brands like Google, Facebook, Qualcomm, MTK in different areas to provide up-to-date mobile products with good quality.
  3. Reliable service: Collaborated with Carlcare who has built an after-sale service network with 2000+ branches globally, itel is able to guarantee the consumers on quality service efficiency.


Reason 2: Fine quality with friendly-budget and varied options

Varied options: itel has multiple smartphone products series featuring power, selfie and entry-level to meet the varied demands of different consumers.

Budget-friendly product with good quality: itel powers its products with fine components and latest technology. It is a named brand devoted to providing more consumers with updated technology and good quality products at budget friendly price point.

Reason 3: Faster, smoother Android Go OS with enhanced apps

Smoother performance

Enhanced data efficiency

Free up more space on your phone

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