Luke 13:12 (ESV) When Jesus saw her, he called her over and said to her, “Woman, you are freed from your disability.”

The last time we discussed loose him and bring him for me as part of our series, today we would look at Luke 13 vs 10. Thou art loosed. A chapter that told us about the woman of infirmity/issue of blood who has been suffering for over eighteen good years. In that verse Jesus instructed the sickness to leave by saying “woman thou art loosed.”

The moment the woman was healed, the woman transmuted and transformed to a better person, she became an object of admiration not mockery. Many Christians today walk around and live careless life and assume that Lord would listen to them! Because of the type of life Christians lead, some Christians walk with head bowed. That is the situation of some Christians and this has allowed devil to take prominence in their heart.

Some Christians don’t know that they are carrying excess loads until the come to Lord for refuge. Many Christians would blame the church and pastors rather than themselves. They go back to their old ways of doing things. Christians would get delivered by Lord but they go back to their filthy ways   and this gives the devil the leeway to bring in legions of evil spirit . When this happens, the affected christian would start blaming the church or pastor forgetting that Grace has departed from them!Image result for UNBIND

Luke 11 vs 21 – 26 , the Bible was clear on the role of God in keeping us and the strength of God in preserving Christians.

Back to the subject matter of the woman with the issue of blood, remember that this woman has been around for almost twenty decades. But, we must know that Christians that give the devil a freeway to live in their lives are to be blamed but not all the time. Pastors are  and head of religions are to be blamed also because they were in the position to tell these Christians the gospel truth by condemning wrong things.

All pastors are not your pastors! Christians must seek for a pastor that is truthful and in tandem with the laid down procedures in the Bible.   Many pastors have failed in this aspect of guiding the flock to the right path and this has made the devil come in and dwell on believers.

When Jesus saw the woman of infirmities, he said “Woman thou art loosed ” on a Sabbath day! To the ancient Jews Sabbath days were seen as a day set aside to rest and worship God not deliverance, but as you can see this day had turned against the woman as a hindrance. Jesus knew the implication of healing a woman on Sabbath day, he bypassed the process and did good because Sabbath is made for humans and not the other day round. So, in anybody that believes in God, there is always a time that God would bypass ass procedures to set you free and that is what Jesus demonstrated.

In Psalm 107 vs 20, the portion of discussed about healing and deliverance, mind you that your deliverance isn’t everywhere, you have a particular place and man that would deliver you. It’s not all about jumping from one place or another.

Today’s Christians must start understanding that salvation just like everything should be worked upon, these include following the adherence of biblical injunctions, following the laid down procedures after deliverance , understanding that there is a need for one to have true pastor as a guide and above all have ultimate believe in Christ Jesus .

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When Jesus saw the woman of infirmities, he said “Woman thou art loosed ” on a sabbath day! To the ancient Jews sabbath days were seen as a day set aside to rest and worship God not deliverance, but as you can see this day had turned against the woman as a hindrance

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