This administration has given 20 Billion in Life – Yemi Osibanjo



The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo has berated those that have raised eyebrows on the financial and social interventionist scheme by this administration. Tradermoni, school feeding program, N Power and other various programs for the people are few of the hallmarks of the Buhari adminstration.

Speaking on the issue of loans and cash disbursement, the Vice President has made Nigerians to understand that over twenty billion Naira has been disbursed via loans this is done through the Bank of Industry. This statement has put to rest why he is dishing out monies in the market square which some people erroneously tag “vote buying.”

Using his social media page the Vice President said ” I find it interesting that some people raise questions when it comes to helping the poor. No one asks questions when we bail out people who have mismanaged businesses.”

On the issue of loan, he added that “This administration has given 20 Billion in loans through the Bank of Industry to 2 Million petty traders and by God, we will do more.”

This has put to end the position of this administration towards the poverty alleviation scheme and how the government tackle social interventions. As the election is almost at hand , Nigerians would be determining if the monies have cascaded to the people or it is more of an image making. One thing that is clear is that this administration has demonstrated the ability to reach out to the lowest of the low and the petty trader through dishing out monies. Is that money making the desired impact? This is left for Nigerians to answer.

Anthony Emeka NWOSU

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