Just 8 Things Women Seek in Men

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As millennials, this is huge in today’s society. Social media and technology has made a major impact on the every-day aspects of life for us. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can come in between a person-to-person engagement. There is nothing we hate more than someone who is constantly on his or her phone. Every now and then is understandable, but people need to know when and where it is appropriate. During dinner, a movie, or a deep conversation is probably the most annoying thing to your date. It makes someone feel you are uninterested and as if you find your phone more fascinating than that person.

Gaming is another big one. I mean, hey, go on your Xbox for a few hours, I don’t care. But when gaming becomes a problem, it’s usually when a guy stays up until 4 a.m. every morning playing video games and then sleeps all day. When it comes to our age, those things are OK every once in a while, however, it makes females believe you have nothing better with your time.

We love nothing more than a guy who can leave his phone in another room. Most girls can’t, but we admire men for not being so attached to their cell phones. Take us away from all that. Take us on a date hiking and tell us to leave our phone in the car.

2. Maturity

There are many characteristics of a man when it comes maturity. These characteristics include responsibility, a hard work ethic, respect, and understanding. Without any of these traits, it’s extremely difficult for a smart woman to take a man seriously.

Most of us don’t really want to sit around and wait for a guy to meet up to our standards. Some women hold unrealistic standards, but the majority of us truly just want someone to lean on.

Maturity means a man is willing to take on responsibilities and challenges, even when risky. A hard work ethic is more of an attraction not because of success, but because a man is able to move himself forward and follow his dreams. Keep in mind that with most women, it’s not the money- it’s about the sense of security and confidence a that man will be able to take care of a woman in the times of struggle if needed (which the female should do as well).

3. Respect


I was always told, “find a man that treats his mother well”. A man should be raised or taught how to treat people, especially women. A lot of childish guys will refer women as sexist slurs and speak about them inappropriately. A man without respect will check out a woman’s body in front of you, which makes us feel so low and awful about ourselves. This may be the largest red flag any women can notice.

We watch how you speak to the waiter/waitress, how many times you smile and greet a stranger you walk passed, and how you judge people. If the waitress walks away and a guy says, “kill me if I’m ever that fat,” he has no respect. If a man can look straight through others and treat them like they are invisible, he has no respect. If a man mistreats his friends and family, he has no respect.

Women want someone who is able to say “hello” first to someone. Women want someone who would smile back and a cashier and ask he or she how they are doing. Women just want someone who understands not everyone is perfect, especially the woman herself.

A man with respect will allow a woman to do her own thing, not control her. He will give her space, time, and love whenever needed for her convenience. Women want someone who doesn’t look down on people for any reason at all. Someone who understands people have their own battles to fight in life and that it is wrong to judge.

4. Someone open-minded

Nothing is more boring than a guy who will tell you what is and what is not. No woman wants a man that will make her feel foolish for believing silly things or having weird thoughts. As women, we need someone to laugh at our jokes and mistakes, because it can be hard for us to find humor in them on our own. Women need someone to lean on when they feel hopeless. Women need inspiration when they are down, or even just a reminder of all the opportunities the world has for us.

Women like when mean talk about the future, especially when realistic expectations are involved. We need someone to open up to and vent to, even if it is over something idiotic. We need someone to tell us that everything is OK and that everything happens for a reason. We need someone who is open to all beliefs with tolerance, respect, and absolutely no judgement

We don’t need anyone making us feel insecure about our thoughts or feelings. It’s important to always have someone to go to when something is bothering you. Be that person for her. When you actually listen to a woman, her femininity blossoms. If you listen to a woman with an open mind, a whole new bond of trust is exposed. So don’t make someone feel crazy or look at them any different for saying how they feel.


5. Consistency

Women love when men ask us out. We love when a guy shows interest in us and wants to see us or even randomly ask us how our day went. There is no point in wasting time on someone who could go months without speaking to you and not even notice. Inconsistency is a total waste of our precious time.

If a girl is willing to take the time our of her day to remember to text you, ask you to hang out, or is even just waiting for a text from you, she is a good girl. If you don’t have the best intentions for her and you plan on being a temporary person, leave her alone.

Seriously, just leave her alone. Don’t waste her time if you want to just walk in and out of her life. Consistency is everything. It maintains the connection and interest in one another, which is so important when it comes to relationships. If love, care, honesty, and respect is not constantly upheld between a couple, the relationship is bound to fail.

6. Strength

We all know the trends about men being over 6 feet tall, or men with sharp jawlines and large pecks. We all can’t help but fall for a nice body. It’s not our faults, it’s human nature just as it is for men. A guy who is strong is not only shown physically, but also through behavior and action.

A strong man will always help a woman out of a situation. He will always give good advice and educate himself on what makes a woman feel comfortable. A strong man will hold a lot to his heart such as family and friends. A strong man will be afraid to break down because he believes he is the one meant to hold down the fort. This is why women are kind of attracted to men when they are weak and vulnerable, because it is those times a women realizes how strong a man has been.

7. A guy who doesn’t need drugs and alcohol to have a good time and sex

This is a weird one but it is definitely more person. No one likes that one girl who gets super wasted and throws up every party. No one likes that girl who hands all over everyone and can hardly stand. Well we are the same with men.

It’s a huge red flag if a man goes out every weekend. If a man needs to turn to drugs, alcohol, parties, etc. in order to feel “big”- he is no man. I mean once in a while is no problem at all. Although, it’s so important for a man to feel free to live as he pleases without pressure. A man should be able to grab drinks with his buddies, even sometimes drink too much. A woman should respect that.

Drinking and drugs are habit-developing issues and can impact the bond between a man and woman. Drugs and alcohol can deflate the honesty, friendship, and love in a relationship. Not only does this make a woman feel less, but it makes us see men as weak.

8. A man who can keep his word

This is the most important thing a man can do for a woman. Do not talk a woman up with promises you don’t plan on ever fulfilling. When a women turns on you to lean on you with trust, honesty, and hope, do not crush her faith with your lies. Never make promises you can’t keep.

When a women realizes a man has failed to attempt or succeed in all he claimed, the man is perceived as too week to fulfill his duty as a significant other. Women see broken promises as dishonesty, especially when these lies are extremely consistent and tend to pile up in a bundle of disappointment.

A woman needs someone to rely on so we can be relied on as well. Women need men to be strong and allow us to admire their dignity and self-confidence. A man should be someone a woman idolizes and wishes to take after. A man should teach his woman things about life, faith, and loyalty.

Although some women can expect more. A lot of women aren’t perfect, just as men, and fail in these aspects as well. However, if you are wondering how to attract a woman, or how to help make her day easier, or even just to remind a woman you love her, I hope you can learn something from this.


Kelly Wagner

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