At some point in life the need to be qualified to get some certain things are the few key attributes of human societies over the ages till date .

Qualifications are a part of human processes be it religious, business or social, this process ensures that a man gets certain privileges in life at a certain time in life. Over the time humans have based certain things  on this  standards,  but unfortunately, the way of God isn’t that way. God has a way of bypassing these things.

What is the meaning of qualification? Let us look at what said about this term.”Qualification denotes fitness for purpose through fulfillment of necessary conditions such as attainment of a certain age, taking of an oath, completion of required schooling or training, or acquisition of a degree or diploma. Qualification does not necessarily imply competence.”

But this is just a human definition of qualification, God doesn’t work with the above definition.  If we look at the Bible,  we can see how God changed the narratives and bypassed this definition .When Saul was made blind and he was made to go to the apostle in the book of Acts to get healed and prepare him for the gospel, the apostles saw him as not qualified considering his antecedents in the persecution of Christian, that alone has made him not qualified in the eyes of the apostles but God saw him as being qualified. That is the way of God.

In life, people would look at you as not qualified to gain some certain things, they might my say that you aren’t qualified for that job, husband, wife, elevation, car or anything but mind you that , until you believe that you are qualified then you can. Your qualifications have to be innate or inside. What makes you qualified must be inside. You must be able to ascertain and make yourself qualified.

At a point they asked , can anything good come out Bethlehem? But the case of Jesus Christ changed the narrative. That is how Jesus conning changed the narrative of Bethlehem till date, this narrative has made that city a tourist spot till date.

You must start believing and having a positive mindset. You must be of the optimistic view and these are the key ingredients of qualifications. In 1st Samuel chapter 16, the Lord instructed him to go to the house of Jesse and annoying him a king! But do not look at his countenance, stature or something because the Lord doesn’t look at the outward appearance but in the heart. That is how David was announced and anointed! He bypassed his elder brothers for him to be crowned a king. That is the definition of qualifications… Once God has sanctioned it, then be rest assured that your qualifications is on the way.

Men might look at your appearance, approach and outlook and say you are not qualified but, that is not the way of God. People might want to disqualify you not because that you are not qualified but because they just don’t like your face and you might not be their favourite so they would want to write you off. But, unfortunately the ability isn’t all about the outward but in the inside and grace the one carried. So we shouldn’t be perturbed on how they view us as Christian, our qualifications isn’t in their hand but that of God.

Never say that you can’t do it, never say that anything is impossible. If you want to be a star, you walk like a star, if you sit amongst foolish people you end up a nonentity. Psalm 1 is clear on it, Blessed is the man who seated not in the counsel of ungodly” , so the way We think and whom we associate with matters here and also a determinant of qualifications in us.

We as a Christians must be mindful of how we disqualify people either directly or indirectly through gossips, jealousy and other funny attitude. We shouldn’t be part of the party that brings anyone down. We must always demonstrate christian attributes.

Message from
Faith Cathedral International

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