The works of our hand! Have you ever wondered why things are not looking up? Have you ever looked at what you have done in the past ? Many Christians today don’t know what they have in their hands. The inability of Christians to understand and appreciate the works of their hands has been one of their greatest impediments and undoing. In Bible, Moses never knew that the rod he is holding is powerful until God opened his eyes the capacity as the capabilities of the same rod, this is how our lives are until we are giving am exposē on how we can make our work of hands prosperous.
This is part of the series of “You are bigger than this. ” God demonstrated to Moses what he can do with his hands. From using the staff to strike rock to using his hand to put in his bosom. This actions was to show Moses what he can do in order to liberate his people. That is the work of his hand and riding on the capability of God!

The question is “What is in your hand” must be answered. Most people everything that they touch wouldn’t work! One might try this business or the other it wouldn’t work then one must start enquiring from God to direct and bless his work of hands. What one can you help with his hands or make with his hand can make or mare him. Touching accursed things would mare the life of the Christian. So many people hold many things that they don’t know the implications. What do you touch with your hands ? Check your hands and know what is in your hands !

Unfortunately most of our youths these days don’t want to work and do something reasonable or meaningful. In Psalm 114 vs 1 and Proverbs 10 vs 4 , these bible quotations are clear on the need for people to work. Not sitting down someplace hoping for manner or thinking that one would get away from poverty via betting. You must work , as a Christian you must find something to do. You have to use your hands properly! The hands are so important in our life and that is why God gave us two hands. Whatever we find ourselves doing, we must do that diligently!

How cleans are your hands ? Have you soiled your hands with blood, killings and other bad things ? Most people don’t know that the hands that they have soiled has a way of affecting them or even that of their children. The shedding of innocent bloods , maltreatment of people especially the weak and the needy and also acts of wickedness are the few things that affect the works of our hands. The need to ask for forgiveness and restitute these things are the very ways God would see us through.

People are so addicted to success that they have put their hands into many things. Don’t touch the Men of God, in an era where the straight forward ones is becoming scarcer, people have four a way to either persecute or destroy people destined to do the work of God! These group of people should it be touched ! Touch not my anointed!

God personally prevented David from building his temple because his hands was dirty! He schemed to kill a army to take over his wife ! That singular act made God to be visibly angry with him and stopped him from building his temple. The truth is that a contaminated hands can’t be blessed and even if the hands gives offering, the offerings would not be accepted , this happened in the case of Eli’s children and how God left them for Samuel. In the book of Samuel the kids if Eli were always in church but the issue is that they don’t know God! What a travesty and apart from facts that they don’t know God , these kids were doing a whole lot of things that God find condemnable.

Contaminated hands can’t touch holy things, in the case of Hosea ! He wanted to help by carrying the ark and we know what happened! He was smitten. Was his hand contaminated? Oh yes !

Most sisters today would go out with people of questionable character or pepperoni they don’t know and having this contact with these set of people would automatically contaminate them and this would have an adverse effects in their lives and you see them running from pillar to post !

The need to leave a just, chaste and sincere life is so important that we can’t do without it . The works of our hands are so important that it determine out spiritual, financial and physical success. The need to lead a right life in line with the tenets of Christianity is imperative for a successful work of our hands. Your hands are blessed in the mighty name of God!

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