“To whom much is given much is expected “, this is a popular cliche and this is also applicable to God. God has given us a whole lot of things from the gift of life, health, wealth, family, jobs , careers and even provision and accomplishments. It would be a mark of ingratitude and bad attitude not to acknowledge these wonderful things that God has given us. This we must show thanks to God . This is important and that is why in the Christian world , a special day is set aside for Thanksgiving ! Though thanksgiving is a daily thing in prayers but the need to come to the house of God to say a very big thank you to God is vital to our existence.

The need to show appreciation and gratitude is one thing that God wants from us. God doesn’t eat flesh and blood , all he requires of us is thanksgiving. Even the minutest thing such as sleeping and waking up in the night even warrant thanking God. We must always sit down and think of what am I going and where am I going? These questions are imperative for every Christian.

Nehemiah 12 versus 43, here in the Bible , the great sacrifice of thanksgiving to God with their family. It is very important that every Christian understand the need to thank God. When last did you come to say “Lord I came to say thank you ” for keeping me alive. Being alive is what we can buy but the Grace of God and we must thank God, if not for anything thing but for the gift of life. We must learn to thank Lord for all things works together for good. We must always thank Lord, there are people that have bought Christmas shoes without wearing it. Some would say ” God I am not supposed to be like this look at all my mates ” what about those that have died or those that have been in hospital for a long time ? So there is always a need to thank Lord .

People who give God thanks don’t time for trouble. If one keep thanking God , the way troubles would be removed from one’s life would be amazing. Philippians chapter 4 versus 6 is clear on this. The Bible made us to know that the supplication with thanksgiving is imperative.

Even in our unfaithfulness, dirtiness and all out iniquities, God is still faithful to us. He has protected us all through the years. His promises would never fail , He told us and His faithfulness is forever more. Over the time, God has demonstrated that in our lives. So why can’t you thank the God who has been faithful to you ? God deserves thanks and this is the time!

Being among the living is worth thanking God for. 1 Corinthians 15 versus 57 – 58 said that ” Be thankful to God who giveth us victory through our Lord , Jesus Christ. Then 2 Corinthians versus 15 also espoused the need for Thanksgiving. Sleeping and waking up is a miracle and even if we don’t have anything else to thank God for but for sleeping and waking up is a miracle . I have seen a medical doctor that came to me with an acute case of insomnia or sleeplessness! He said that he has done everything to cure it but couldn’t, we prayed for him and immediately he dozed off for hours. Now this was a man that haven’t slept for years. The Lord used us to give him the sleep that he hasn’t gotten for years. So , if you can sleep and wake up, please thank God !

How grateful are you ? This is the question we must ask ourselves as a true Christian! 1 Thessalonians 5 versus 18 ” in all give thanks , for this is a will of God concerning you ” this is the position of God to us. All He wants is thanks ! We must do this , it’s non negotiable!


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