By and large, the South East loses again – Chidiebere Okere




Look deep! Seems like he has lost the South West and so, he is trying to court the South East ostensibly for reelections in 2019. Indeed Buhari is “smart” but Ndi Igbos are smarter. The insult he unleashed on our collective heritage and pride as a people in Aba and Umuahia is UNPARDONABLE.

The Yoruba nation has been consistent in their demand and calls for restructuring, thereby setting the tone for the 2019 electioneering campaigns. Security reports must have informed Buhari that the South West are inclined to dump him in 2019 for another candidate. Hence, his parley with the governors and politicians from Igboland.

Down here in the South East, no collective political strategy. Governor Dave Umahi says he doesn’t know what restructuring means and so Ebonyi State doesn’t want restructuring. Also, Governor Rochas Okorochas of Imo State said that the nation doesn’t need restructuring but repackaging. Aha, whatever that means.

On the sideline, Chief Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo is busy speaking big grammar about restructuring and all that while I learnt he is also negotiating a vice president slot for the South East. So, for all the so-called ‘political sagacity’ and ‘wisdom’ of Nnia Nwodo, the best he can settle for is a VP slot. What about having someone take a shot at the presidency?

Honestly, it is such a shame that while the South West PDP is insisting that the zoning system should be discarded for the best hand to lead the party in 2019, the South East PDP is talking about zoning the presidency to the north.

Ndigbo only have the chance of clinching the presidency when the present zoning system or rotational system between the north and south is done away with. For as long as this practice is maintained, the presidency would always rotate between the core north and the south west.

Whatever makes the South East PDP think that Ndigbo resident outside the South East will vote for their preferred Northen candidate is what I can’t understand. If Ndigbo ain’t boycotting the elections, I tell you they ain’t voting for any northern candidate even if he has an Igbo running mate.

The puzzle surrounding the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu is another big factor to factor in. If it be confirmed that Nnamdi Kanu is dead, many Igbos who may be tempted to vote will throw in their protest votes against the northern candidate and the Igbo politicians they consider as sell-outs. But, the vast majority would rather sit at home as they would not be any motivation to vote. Believe it or not, there would be a form of a boycott of the general elections in 2019 by Igbos.

By and large, the South East loses again.


Chidiebere Okere

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