In the christian world today, the need to have workers that would always put the ministry on the fore is imperative. Some of these workers might either be volunteers or paid. But they must have a standard which makes them workers. There are parameters they must meet to merit that title. From the position of Bishop to that of the usher, municipal pastor or the youth leader, there are clear guidelines on what is expected of a church worker. The Bible is clear on this

“If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desire a good thing, a bishop must be blameless. The husband of a wife and vigilant” 1 Timothy 3  this was established clearly in the Bible . The Bible passage made it clear on the qualifications of what one should have before he can carry the title of Bishop around .

In today’s Christian world, a lot of clergy are particularly interested in titles like Bishop, Archbishop, Clergy, etc. Not that we don’t appreciate the title or that we condemn the title but we encourage that people must always know the implications of titles they carry around.

In the same passage, the Bible was totally clear on the positions of bishop and clergies. Though, this message might be unpopular with a lot of churches today, because we have dwelt into prosperity gospel and we have looked while people mess up some of the holy titles.

The Wikipedia defined A bishop (English derivation from the New Testament of the Christian Bible Greekεπίσκοπος, epískopos, “overseer”, “guardian”) is an ordained, consecrated, or appointed member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight.

With this definition, one can see that bishop is is high title and shouldn’t be yours with .

Conversion, one of the major critical qualifications of workers. Every worker in the church must be born again. We must know that those that work in church must be a born again. But , in Christiandom, we have seen a lot of situation where a lot of church workers have demonstrated more of earthly attributes that Christ-like attitude.

The yardstick of workers is clear and that is born again. In conversion being born again and renouncing the hidden work of darkness gives credence to himself. In the book of Romans 12 vs 1, the Bible made it clear on this position .

Examplary lifestyle, a worker in church must live in such a way that Christ is glorified. He should be set apart and not do what the world does, he is a son of God and work in the house of God! The church worker must always have the capacity to demonstrate the Grace and attributes of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

When a member of a Christian body is made a worker, he must understand that all the former life and deed is gone, as he becomes the church worker, the template he should use is that of Jesus Christ because people would always use you as a measure or yardstick they would be viewing Jesus Christ and the church. He must always demonstrate love , kindness and impartiality to everyone.

Sanctification is also what the worker must have. The worker must be consecrated. When a worker is converted, that is not the end of the road, there are issues that must be resolved and sanctification is the process of washing the worker with the blood of the Lamb.

Wikipedia puts it this way Sanctification is the act or process of acquiring sanctity, of being made or becoming holy. It is a gift given through the power of God to a person or thing which is then considered sacred or set apart in an official capacity within the religion. Sanctification is an integral part of working in the church. John 17 vs 17 made told us the importance of sanctification.

Hospitable and accommodating should be the second nature of a christain worker. The church worker shouldn’t be segregating, he must recognise the weakness of people and look e them.

Morally uprightness is another factor a Christian worker must adhere to. He must be lover of the flesh. Satan fears purity not annointing so the christian worker must always strife to be morally pure .

Teachability is another thing, it is pointless having an incorrigible worker because as human, we are prone to mistakes and we must be amenable to changes. The worker must respect the authority. Christian shouldn’t be proud ! If you look at the Bible, God choose the people that are teachable. From Samuel to David. The ability to be teachable and amenable is one critical factor that workers and other christians must have.

Mind you that church worker isn’t a career or like other profession. Calling can be in two ways, it is either that God has called the person to be worker in the church. Here you follow the voice of God. Also we have another version of church worker which is passion and love. This set of church workers are those that enjoy working for church and though they might not be called directly by God, they make the sacrifices.

Integrity,the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This is expected from the Church worker. Christain worker must always demonstrated integrity, when you are working , you don’t need to watch your back!

Other qualities are self control and responsibility. A good christian worker must showcase these quality because they are the qualities that Christ posseses .

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