Are you a student, unemployed, employed but fed up, you want to earn extra income?
Join us to Create Wealth Through Agricultural Development.

The journey would be tough and the road is not always good… But not impossible to earning about 500k monthly and earning millions yearly. This remind me: _*”difficult road always lead to a beautiful destination.”*_I don’t think I know what is Agropreneur when I was 11years. All I could then is to sale sachet water, fine bread and fry groundnut because I has a clear vision; a dream!

Outline: We hope to talk about all business in Agriculture but time factor is always our enemy. Anyway, let see what we can talk about for now.

People would always need protein meal to achieved their successful growth, to balance their diet, etc. Supermarkets and local shops would always need healthy and tasty egg delivery. Hotel supporters also need poultry products to show off their customers the proteinous. Dayo made N1.2m profits few months back from egg distributing. In my early hustle days, I suggested to my age friend to get new farm, running it made me extra N250k profits while I was still studying at school. The average profit in poultry is about 90%. You may choose to play middleman in this business and make good profits or actually learn the simple skill and made soft income.

Livestock farming such as Snail farming (just get tyres for their housing and plantains peels for their feeding, finish, the rest is light weekly maintenance. The market is always there because of scarcity), Rabbit farming (they can even play in the living room. Very cute creatures. Some people would even buy from you as pets. Also, they can give birth to so many just like Pig), and the rest of them; goat, sheep, etc. The livestock mentioned required low startup capital, less attention and little technical know-how but huge profits.

Although it’s the common saying that if you want to poison an African, Nigerian precisely; wrote a book and place in the toxic they will not care to open it, let alone of reading it. Put aside that, our system has change for good. Without sales, there’s no business. That’s where digital books come in handy. Sansa suggest that when writing eBook, write clearly so that people will understand, picturesquely so they can be guided by it. So there’s a pressing need for this skill! 20k can help you buy a digital basics materials. N10k for design and layout for better attractive. My company can offer this service. Here, you’re already in business.

Cocoa is an eye open business. It’s a profitable and sweet business if done well. A farmer sold a bag of cocoa to my friend for N45k. And guess what; he delivered that bag of cocoa with confidence to Agro Traders Limited for N105k. I looked how he made huge profits in a jiffy.

Fruits are everyday business because it’s eatable and people usually buy on impulse. Fruits business just need a better place to be sold. Make research, use both primary and secondary information. And then start and see how the market will accelerate in profit.

Agropreneurship is not for everybody because of it challenges. We all have that one person (sansa) around us we know is very good with business. Invest with him. Learn to leverage the power of partnership. It’s another hotcake of income if both agreed with the term.

In the end, the decision to succeed in life heavily depend on us either to start and better ourselves or to keep ignoring agriculture (the industry that feed you). If you have a burning desire to start farming business, i don’t think registration fee of N20k for the training is really a challenging to raise and register at SIC-sansa to guide you and show you everything needed to know. Also, the more money you invest in agricultural business, the easier it is to Create Wealth.

On a serious note: please don’t go into any of these businesses without a “perfect guide and well equipped with business working knowledge” from an expert in the business to avoid losses.

Is to lead and inspire Nigeria community to Create Wealth for the word of “future”.

Sansa International Corporation SIC


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