The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) awarded the NCC with Best Contribution Employer in Human Resource Development in 2017.

The Director-General of the Industrial Training Fund, Mr Joseph Ntung Ari who was represented by Deputy Director/Area Manager ITF Abuja area Office, Usman M.Sani in his opening remarks said his organization was very selective in their choice and described the Human Capital of NCC as a parameter outlined by ITF that captured the Human Capital analysis of training programme, seminars and workshops among all the organizations considered for this award.

The EVC, who was represented by Director Human Capital and Infrastructure Group, Maryam Bayi said the Commission was honoured to be recognised by the Industrial Training Fund for its efforts in Human Capital Development.

Maryam Bayi added that the industry that we regulate is very dynamic and demands steady and comprehensive development of the workforce to be able to meet our vision and mission statements, core values and principles.

She also said, one of the components of the 8-Points Agenda of the Management of the Commission is to ensure Regulatory Excellence and Operational Efficiency. All this cannot be achieved without adequately building the capacity of the individuals that drive the Commission’s work processes.
Bayi, further stated that the Human Capital is the best asset of an Organization, coupled with the fact that NCC is a knowledge based agency; learning and development must be a top priority for the NCC to succeed in the ever dynamic and evolving technologies industry.

She expressed appreciation to ITF for the award and promised to convey to the EVC/ CEO NCC this recognition of excellence.

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