Some know him as thorough bred, others technocrat while some see him as a focused man that would take the state to a new level. Comrade Gaius N. Aham, aka Okaka Kamso, a Governorship Aspirant under Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) in Imo State come 2019 election. In a chat with eTimes News, he  speaks his intention, aspirations and plans for the people of Imo StateEmmanuel Clement captured this in an exclusive interview

Can you give a brief description about yourself?

I am Comrade Gaius N. Aham, a chief and by titled is Okaka Kamso, from a village called Ezialakaohu Ngurunwaori in Aboh Mbaise L.G.A , Imo State. My late father, Pa Timothy I. Nwata, served the people of Imo State in the Local government as the Head of Works, I have also served my ward diligently in the local government of Imo State, and I am contesting for Governor of Imo State under the platform of Peoples Redemption Party.

What is your intention to the people of Imo as Imo State Governor Aspirant under PRP in 2019?

By the special Grace of God, if I emerge or declared the Executive Governor of Imo State, the rule of law in Imo state has to be established! Democracy has to be re-established! Imolites will start having their full benefit as a citizen of Imo state. On the issues of state of workers & retirees in Imo state, their wages will I pay in due time. As I win the forth coming election as the Governor of Imo state, on every 26th of every month, the wages are being paid; economic development will be located to the 27 LGA’s in the state, that is making every LGA count economic impartation and infrastructure. Moreover, my Government will be a Government that will invest so much in the lives of the youths. The future of the youth is my priority.

What inspires your intention or what gives you the drive that PRP will win the Gubernatorial Election in Imo State?

Peoples Redemption Party is not a party of criminals; it’s not a party of self centered individuals, another name for Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) is integrity. It is one of the oldest parties in Nigeria who has the interest of masses at heart and the people of PRP are not corrupt, they are not public fund looters, they are not people who uses constituency allowance as fraud, they are not like people who break third tiers government which is the local government and bring in community government, rather they are people who had the interest of the masses at heart and because of the integrity and the value of people and the intention of which I Chief Gaius N. Aham choose PRP as my platform to run as a governor of Imo state.

You were a former counselor in Imo state, which political party?

During the councillorship election before the present administration of Owele dissolved, it was in APGA, I was in APGA. I discovered that one of his main reasons of getting that very government councillorship dissolve is for him to have ways of perfecting his flaws by destroying third tiers government and bringing fourth tiers government of which is the local council at least by now dividends of democracy would have gotten to the grass root. .

Why do you leave APGA for PRP?

At the time when people who no longer stand by their words, starting from the party, I said no, because my integrity must not be trampled on. Again the petition is a call word of what I stand for, I have to identify myself with people who their words are their bonds.

Before politics what have you been doing? 

I am a public servant in the sense that I studied Fine and Applied Art; I practiced and am still practicing. Am a consultant, any business having issues, as far as it is legitimate bring it to my table, it will be solved

How do you intend to effectively combine political work and as a consultant?

A consultant is a public servant; serving public has been my nature from the onset. Both of them are public related services and that is the reason why I said, it will be easier.

Sir, you are coming as a governor of Imo state under PRP. In what way have you proven yourself in your community, that you are capable of running as a governor?

I am more capable of occupying the position of Executive Governor of Imo state in the sense that 13 years ago, God inspired me to form an NGO called “Peace Foundation for Democracy”, it is an organization that governs progressive youths worldwide. So far I have received 6 Leadership Awards and 2 International Awards, I have received Leadership Award from my community, Excellence Performance in Leadership from different organizations but I am yet to receive a leadership award on Peace Ambassador. Today we are in 33 continent of the world, we are in Asia, Europe, etc making youths to be relevant and be valuable in the society and empowering them to make sure they are law abiding in whatever they find themselves doing, so being a founding father of an organization that govern Progressive Youths Worldwide, gives me the credit I need to govern Imo state because Imo state is a state of youths not a state of adult.

What is your assessment in term of youth participating in politics?

Presently, youth percentage in politics is 75%, and very unfortunate, the so-called money looters who called themselves Fathers of the State uses them as a tool to rig election in carrying ballot boxes during election, but we have come to sensitize them telling them the reason why they should stop carrying boxes, working for this so-called God-fatherism because their future is what they are trading on. Again I Gaius N. Aham Okaka Kamso doesn’t believe in stomach infrastructure politic that is what the so-called Godfathers made the youth to believe in and that is why presently, they are destroying their future, but because I have come for positive redemption in Imo state I will make sure youth are taken care of and the bad eggs will be flush out

What should people expect from you as a young candidate in Imo state?

They should expect good governance which has been my watch word, the youth should expect more from me because I am a youth like them, I know their challenges. We are in a digital world, IT will be everywhere in Imo state, Imo youths will be more endow with IT more than ever before and their bonafide rights as citizen of Imo state will be given to them.

What differences will your administration make in the life of Imo people?

Peoples Redemption Party, (PRP), will create impact in the lives of Imo people. Our administration will be an example of pure Democratic government of the youth by the youth and for the good people of ndi Imo, every community will have economic value added to them, those who served the state in one way or the other will also have their benefits duly delivered to them, as we have 10 Points Agenda. Restoration of value system/ priority in education; Full industrialization of the state and building of craft centre’s; Establishment of independent power projects in the state; Agriculture and infrastructural renewal; Welfare of farmers; Medical and healthcare services; Introduction of scholarships for extra brilliant youths; Building a welfare state; Technological growth through manufacturing; oil and other mineral resources have been discovered in Imo state



As I win the forth coming election as the Governor of Imo state, on every 26th of every month, the wages are being paid; economic development will be located to the 27 LGA’s in the state, that is making every LGA count economic impartation and infrastructure.


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