Because I’m Involved;IStandWith *#ENN2019*


They enjoyed free education (scholarships). Yet today, they refuse to pay us stipend for state bursaries, to subsidize our education._*

They were fed with delicacies (free chicken, free eggs and free beverages); some even had people do their laundry while in school. But today, students eat maggots in Rice, weevils in beans, drink unhealthy water and live in a God-forsaken place of a hostel crammed with Rats, Cats Mosquitoes as Roommates.

They got executive jobs in choice places like NNPC, SHELL, NITEL and others free of charge…Some even got free cars after school. But today, they expect us to bribe to get federal government jobs or have 10 years’ experience to be eligible for employment (that is, if they want to be kind)_*

Even when we have fabulous certificates, but don’t have a godfather, our surname becomes SORRY (maybe we should start gaining our years of experience from our mothers’ womb).

They had a perfect and enabling environment for business yet they lacked ideas. But today, with our brains and powerful ideas, they will not allow it thrive with their bad policies.

They enjoyed inter-religious dwelling and even did inter-religious marriage. But today, they have instilled hate in our hearts for a fellow brother in the name of religious differences.

They blame us for not being innovative enough to become entrepreneurs; yet they never taught us how to mend our own dresses or shoes at home; they never helped us build a passion for vacation._*

They told us they were preparing us to become leaders of tomorrow; but up till today, they are still leading us astray.

They have refused to give us decent jobs so that they can use money to manipulate us when they are in quest for power.

They said they were schooled at Harvard, yet they can’t manage a simple economy in the name of fall in oil prices

Worst of all, their actions encourage Ethnic, Tribal and Religious divides even so that they profess different things.

They understand the strength of our unity if we unite!

After spoiling everything for us, they turn around and blame us for everything.

Until we WAKE-UP and start asking our various fathers questions, these Narcissists suffering from “Narcissism personality disorder” will continue to mortgage our future and that of the unborn generation.

Wake-up, my dear generation, it is time to become that dog that bites when it is pushed hard to the wall. I see HEROES in this generation.

My dear NIGERIAN YOUTHS, are you not aware? That there have been none like us and that there will be none like us. It is time to make that decision which will scare us but lead us into never ending greatness. NIGERIA has been waiting for us and here we come.

_We must not fail! We must not fail!! We must not fail!!!



IStandWith *#ENN2019*
IstandWith *ENYINNAYA NNAEMEKA NWOSU For President,Federal Republic Of Nigeria,2019*


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