After initial postponement of the maiden ESUSU MANAGERS WORKSHOP, it was still a very remarkable start with 18 participants attending across Port-Harcourt, Bayelsa, Osogbo, Epe, Ikorodu, and other locations in Lagos. The participants cut across different structures of esusu management such as thrift collectors, cooperatives, microfinance institution and mobile money agents.

The workshop started with participants sharing their experience managing their esusu operations and the challenges they face in their respective esusu institutions. It was a very interesting validation of the identified problems of traditional and manual savings scheme.

Progressively, there was a powerpoint presentation and practical demo on the esusu management platform with the different modules and functionalities on how esusu collection and management can be automated seamlessly. Several beneficial recommendations and feedback were gotten from the participants on how the platform can be well structured to serve their operations more efficiently.

Indeed, all participants were highly impressed and motivated on the platforms functionalities towards solving their esusu collection and operational problems.

The workshop also featured interactive sessions on how Standard Operating Procedures could go a long way towards enhancing proper esusu management by an enabling systems, structures and procedures to scale the esusu operations efficiently. We also had discussions on risk mitigation management for proper esusu management such as Subscribing for Insurance products, Fidelity Guarantee Bond, Securing Reputable Guarantor for Employees, etc.

On behalf of the Esusu Africa Team, we are pleased to appreciate all members of our Advisory Board, Fintech Association of Nigeria, Association of Non Bank Microfinance Institutions of Nigeria, Association of Mobile Money and Bank Agents of Nigeria, Tony Elumelu Foundation, LEAP Africa, and other influential partners and stakeholders.

We hope to share with you soon some interesting testimonies of participants of the workshop.

The workshop is aimed to be organized at regular intervals across different locations involving our strategic partners and key stakeholders towards nurturing responsive smart esusu collectors and managers enhancing financial inclusion for everyone.

Interesting Benefits & Side Attractions at the Workshop

1. 1 month free subscription of the Starter Plan of the Esusu Management Platform (worth #3,600)

2. Free Souvenirs

3. Refreshments

4. Key Presentations by Financial Inclusion Experts

5. Interactive Sessions by Experienced Esusu Collectors and Managers.

6. Networking and Others.

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