The Controversy , The Conservatives and The Popularity of Isi Agu Cloth As An Igbo Culture Export


Some years ago I asked that the isi-agụ design of the Igbos be replicated on different clothing materials that are lighter, so that people can easily wear them wherever they are, since the original isi-agụ cloth material is too thick to be worn in certain hot environments.

Happily that has happened. The isi-agụ revolution is on.

Interestingly some backward-thinking Igbos are complaining that boys and women are wearing the isi-agu materials, which to them is an abomination. But that is ridiculous.

Please where is the law that only ọzọ-titled men can wear the isi-agụ? It does not exist.

Our forefathers never wore isi-agu.

The critical times of the dress code of the ọzọ-titled men is a red cap with the feather of the eagle plus an anklet. Finish.

The Europeans, Indians, Arabs are marketing their attire and making other people of the world to embrace their dressing styles, while some ancient-minded Igbos are working against the spread of the Igbo attire, believing they are defending Igbo custom.

Please in addition to shirts, shoes etc, people should use the isi-agụ design to make pants, bikini, bra, handkerchief, singlet, baseball caps, car seat covers, handbags, head-tie, Spider man’s attire for kids, etc.

That is how to make something popular.

Agunze Azuka Onwuka


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