THE CITY OF EXCELLENCE NIGERIA.(Badagry Expressway Updates)



This is Under bridge bus stop (Aspanda) Lagos Badagry Expressway as at yesterday morning, the first day of July 2019.

Opposite Ojo Barracks is now another impassable ocean not to talk of Iyana-Iba where you will have to spend close to three hours before you can cross to LASU gate, while Igboelerin junction of Okokomaiko is a complete “write off”.

One side of Iyana-isashi of the federal road is now a trailer park of a transloading company, with just a lane for all vehicles to and fro the road with no government authority taking responsibility to challenge the trans-loading company.

Iyana-era axis of the road almost frustrate life out of me yesterday Sunday (a workfree day) while the shameless traffick officials still extort drivers, asking them for road worthiness permit on a road that is not worthy to be plied by even a wheelbarrow.

Vespa to Ile-oba is completely expired, as trucks now fall off the road regularly, killing our people constantly without any succour in sight but promises upon promises, while Agbara to Odofa to Ibiye axis is like crossing the medditerranian sea with a rickety boat.

Magbon, Okoafo, Aradagun to roundabout remains hell on earth if one must pass through road, with the additional pain of transport fare now exorbitantly hiked.

Unfortunately, link roads that would have alleviated the sufferings of the masses on this road were not constructed by previous governments apart from about three constructed (Igboelerin, Iyana-Isashi, and Iyana-era) by the administration of Governor Fashola (But a whole about 21 link roads were commissioned in Alimosho area by the immediate past Lagos State Govt. in a day)

With this situation report, it is clear that something urgent needs to be done.

If the government cares about the people, then a “State of Emergency” must be declared on the Lagos Badagry Expressway immediately before the suffering masses will vent their anger on the government.

As it is, no amount of visitations, promises and disguise of any kind on the road can pacify the people of Badagry division than to instant commence palliative intervention, while the contractors handling the road return to site immediately without beaurecratic procrastination.

By Seedorf Oluwadare

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