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Recently, the media was agog with a certain statement credited to one Kanye West, a black American artist/celebrity that Slavery which percipated the black race about a century ago was a choice, invariably alluding that it was the choice of the back man to ascent to Slavery?

The controversy generated from this statement/point of view still rages, while some are in protest and in disagreement, others are in agreement with the statement and view.. Permit me to take a position on the subject matter before I continue..

… And I say ‘Yes! Slavery/Slave Trade which ravaged the black race a while ago was a choice but I’ll add that it was a choice made by and spurred by ignorance, but again, when has ignorance become an excuse? Black man sold black man into Slavery and the white man was buying. Our forefathers in their greed and ignorance were capturing their likes and selling them into Slavery to the White man’s land, we seem to forget this ugly part of our history, forgetting that as we’re rightly pointing a finger to the whites who carried out the slave trade, the rest fingers should be pointing at our traditional rulers, Kings and King makers trained warriors slave hunters, kidnapped their kits and kins, invaded villages, captured young boys, men and women and sold them to their white customers, even exchanged them in some cases with mirrors and bottles of hot drinks. The bulk of the blame has continously flown over these our ancestors who were even the major enablers and landing at the table of the white people.

Slave Trade, just like oil business in this century, was a major source of wealth to nations & individuals. Just as the black nations are harvesting the mineral resources God blessed him with presently and sending them to the White people while lacking the basic benefits of these resources and paying no attention to the damages that are being done to his environment by these activities, rather interested in the little financial/wealth gratification being given to him by the white man, so myopic, ignorant and greedy was our fathers when they were capturing their likes and selling them off to the whites for financial and frivolous material gratifications while the white man employed the strength of these our people sold to build empires just as they’re currently using the benefits of the resources in the black man’s land to invent and build wonders.

Yet, the white man is still magnanimous and benevolent, we’re largely surviving and thriving from their inventions, their knowledge and reasonings are what forms the curriculum in our educational system, we’ve done little or nothing for our benefits, atimes, I’m forced to think wether the black man is sub-human. There’s nothing of great technological & scientific achievement the black man made which was not invented by the white, the ones we improved on mainly were done under direct or passive supervision of the whites. Take a look at your environments, your rooms, offices, roads; the motorcycles, cars, bicycles, building materials, aircrafts, TV sets, radios, cloths, etc, non is an invention of the black man! The little we do is to copy what they’ve done and reproduce a very low standard for our own use even when they do not hoard these knowledges, they give them to us through journals, documentaries, etc, yet we can’t help ourselves!

We blames the white for bringing religion to us as if we’re the only race they brought religion to, some see the religion of the white man as the bane of our woes, these religions were taken to Indians, Asians.. There are over a million Christians in China, projected to reach 30milion by 2035 as many are buying into the faith there, majority of South Korean people of today are Christians, this religion and some others are not indigenous to these Asian countries, they were introduced or even foisted unto them just as it was done to us the Blacks/Africans, but you will never see them blaming the white people and claiming that Christianity or any other religion was used to brainwash and turn them to mental slaves, some of them embraced the foreign religions while some rejected and shook ’em off, and they’ve collectively continued to make great impacts in every human indices and developments.

Something is likely naturally & fundamentally wrong with the black race, our actions and attitudes towards life is nothing short of racial inferiority when placed side by side with that of other people, the continuous blame rhetorics to others except ourselves is nothing short of inferiority complex. Necessity they say is the mother of invention, the black man has been in dire necessity but has not been able to invent anything to help himself, rather we find solace in mediocrity, we’re laced with greedy, myopic and visionless leaders who see no need in planning for the next generation but mortgaging the next generation. It’s either we change our mindsets, look inward to solve our problems ’em, emancipate and liberate ourselves mainly from ourselves or we just accept that we’re sub-humans unable to take responsibilities and measure up with others.

We currently owe the appreciation of the life we’re living now to the White people and Asians who have emancipated themselves and are sharing their efforts with us, even the olden day slavery we’re talking about still took their efforts and commitments to be stopped.

Chukwuebuka C.Umennadi

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