Thank you Obi of Onitsha lgwe Alfred Achebe for Redeeming The lgbo Pride!


Thank you Obi of Onitsha lgwe Alfred Achebe for Redeeming The lgbo Pride.

-President Buhari ordered lgwe Achebe , the Obi of Onitsha to come to Akwa Anambra state capital to receive him. He refused.

-Obi of Onitsha lgwe Achebe ordered Buhari to come down to Onitsha and pay homage to him as the traditional ruler or go to hell. Buhari refused.

-APC reacted in anger and saw Achebe’s behaviour as an insult to the office of the President.

Buhari could not have ordered the Sultan of Sokoto or Emir of Kano to leave his Kingdom and come to welcome him. He would go to their palace to pay homage to them.

So what makes Buhari think that Obi of Onitsha is inferior to Sultan of Sokoto and Emir of Kano? I don’t blame him.

I blame our traditional rulers who have desecrated their throne and the revered institution by playing into the hand of politicians who now control them. It shouldn’tbe so.

I wish l can buy a cow for lgwe Achebe. His action comes just few days after some shameless lgbo trational rulers under the auspices of South East traditional ruler’s council led by Eze Dick gave Buhari double chieftaincy titles.

I believe that if Buhari had ordered any of those Eze who had given him those titles, he would have rushed down to Akwa in contempt of the Ezeship traditional institution in lgbo land.

Igwe Achebe has proven that there are still men of honour and integrity among Ndigbo. All hope is not lost.

Buhari may have thought that every lgbo traditional ruler is saleable, clueless and can be easily intimidated.

Igwe Achebe has made every lgbo proud. He has redeemed our image the lgbo man. I duff my cap for him.

Ben Chiedo.

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