TantaSecure™ Brings Respite To Nigerian Smartphone Users



Tanta Innovative limited, an Information communication technology (ICT) firm based in Lagos would be unveiling TantaSecure™. TantaSecure™   is a premier provider of device protection & warranty services for iPhones, Smartphones, TVs, Tablets, and Laptops & Appliances. With this groundbreaking solution in the market, the modern user of the above-mentioned devices can focus on his work and entertainment knowing that they got their gadgets covered by TantaSecure™.

In today’s world of the gadgets that the average person cannot do without today is smartphone. Today’s phones and handheld devices are such a powerful tool that it has been dubbed work tool. From photographs to email and other stuffs one can do with phones today one downside is that today’s smartphones are fragile and can easily be broken. This damages cost users a whole lot and with a lot of fake parts in the market today, most users always dump their broken devices for a new one thereby contributing to the e waste.Image result for broken smartphones and laptops

Speaking about the solution, Abraham Tanta, the founder and Chief Executive Office of Tanta Innovative Limited said “With a monthly payment of N1, 800.00, TantaSecure Protects your phone when it develops issues or damages. You get your money back if nothing happens to your phone at the end of your protection plan.”

One in every four person globally tries to fix their damaged smartphones, whereas the remaining just dumps the damaged device for new ones. As smartphones and other ICT products, this situation has contributed adversely to the electronic waste thereby damaging the environment. According to Global Banking and Finance report it is said that “It found that, despite the vast range of phone cases and screen protectors available, more than a quarter (26%) of British  have cracked their mobile phone screen, with 30% opting to continue using their shattered phone while waiting for their contract to come to an end.”

Environmentally speaking, stakeholders have lauded TantaSecure™   due to the nature of the solution and how it can reduce electronic waste significantly. Discarding of smartphones has adverse effect on the environment. The increase in consumption of electronics has two major adverse ecological effects. First, it significantly increases mining and procurement for the materials needed for production of gadgets. And second, discarded devices produce large quantities of electronic waste. That waste could be reduced through reuse, repair, or resale. With Tanta Innovative Limited solution, the environment would be cleaner.

On the economic angle, Nigerians would save more! Phone manufacturers and OEMs do  sell  millions of the new phones annually and some of these new devices don’t last up to a year due to the fragile nature of these smartphone. This situation has caused many Nigerians to lose money buying new phones or substandard part. With the new TantaSecure™, this would be a thing of past.





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