Tanta Secure Limited, an indigenous device protection and information technology (IT) firm in Lagos recently unveiled their flagship products termed Corporate  and Individual Plans. Known as the first extended device and smartphone protection solution in the country. The company made this known  in their office during a media parley that they are poised to change the narrative on how Nigerians use and fix their devices ranging from Smartphones to Home appliances.

As Nigerians get busier by the day and also embracing sophisticated technology, the need to maintain these technologies and complicated devices becomes imperative and imminent. With  the TantaSecure™ plan,  the company bridges those needs. Offering convenience and confidence, the TantaSecure™ Corporate and Individual plans bring respite to Nigerians. Addressing the critical questions on who would fix these smartphones and devices when they get damaged? How to get reputable technicians and how fast can services be delivered?Image result for tantasecure

Speaking to the media, the Chairman and Founder of TantaSecure™, Abraham Tanta said “TantaSecure™ protects all devices, appliances, electronics and gadgets, makes and models no matter where or when they were purchased—as long as they are working, in good condition, and you have proof of purchase. If you currently have device insurance through other agencies, you can easily switch to TantaSecure™ (and save up to 50%) no matter what type of device you have.”

“We know that the things you protect are more than just things—they’re valuable parts of your life. We also understand that accidents and malfunctions aren’t your fault. That’s why we promise to make filing a claim easier, get it fixed or replaced as fast as possible. We have designed these products to individuals and corporate organizations in mind. We  are trying as much as possible to reduce the burden of maintaining, repairing and souring for original parts of these sets of people”, Semilore Adeosun, Director of Marketing, Tanta Secure Limited..Image preview

The company highlighted that students can get the protection of their devices with the paltry sum of one thousand Naira only.  With various payment plans of six months and twelve months, the device protection plan looks at capturing various segments of the society.  With a money back guarantee when nothing happens to the device, Sam Igwe,the Marketing Director of Tanta Secure Limited said “ we believe that Nigerians must start protecting their devices at a very cost effective method and also in a convenient manner. We designed our plan to cater for all segments of the society, while doing this, we give seventy percent of the money back , if eventually there is no claim at the end of the duration. This set us apart from the conventional insurance policies littered in the country.”

Addressing the dearth of qualified technicians and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) part. The company noted that they have established a strategic relationship with technicians across Lagos. This relationship includes trainings, certifications and customer service. Deploying a mobile app which can be downloaded in the Goggle Playstore, Tanta Secure has deployed an artificial intelligent (AI)enabled app that scans for problems in Smartphones and locate nearest technician within a one kilometer radius.

Tanta Secure Limited  , is a start firm and a sister company of Tanta Innovative and a  custom software development and IT consulting company with 10 years experience and operations in Lagos Nigeria.


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