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Taking a difficult decision in life can be confusing and daunting for most people! We are faced with this situation once in a while and how we handle this matters! Christians also have been faced with some of these challenging situations and these decisions can be described as difficult. A Joseph and Mary situation can suffice.

Joseph was sold to slavery by his brother not out of want but out of jealousy, this Joseph became a very big person in society and the brothers came calling. This is a very big decision that Joseph found himself. The brothers that sold him to slavery even offered themselves to him as slaves and servant. Joseph didn’t have the last laugh but he let go and forgave !

Christians must know that in life there is always need to know that vengeance is not a good thing. In life, when we take critical decisions in life, we must put into consideration a whole lot of things such as God, family , church , beliefs and even the people around us.

The decision we make today would determine the way we would live and things that we would experience after. These decisions we take as a Christian can be detrimental sometimes in our lives.

This ability to take decision manifested also during the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Joesph, the father of Jesus was petrified and disturbed over the pregnancy of Jesus ! He never planned it! He never envisaged it and he never understood it but the critical decision he took by the guidance of Holy Spirit made Joseph to keep Mary, the mother of Jesus and loved him. This decision was one of the things that made Joseph important in the annals of Christianity!

Some decision are so imperative in the lives of Christians that before they can be taken, a widespread consultations must be made . To put it simpler, it is always encouraged that we have consultation before some critical decisions can be made and the position of Bible is clear on so many things. Things that are not understood , one must look our for the true men of God !

The decision we take might not be for us alone! It has the ability to affect our family, relatives and others in nearest future. One must be very aware of this situation. Joseph knowing out the pregnancy of Mary took the decision to keep and love Mary! This affected the childbirth of Jesus and made Joseph the pillars of Christianity today.

Every decision we take be it right ones or wrong ones have consequences. So patience is good and one must always be very careful not to take decision when they are angry. Husbands must be patient and know that women have weakness and the same thing with women. Some of the harsh decisions that men have taken has put many marriages on the oath of perdition and peril.

It’s only a fool that says everything….so bridling of tongue is imperative. There are things we don’t just talk, we must be clear on when not to talk and when to talk. We should always take it slow as they come. We mustn’t be in a hurry to take some critical decisions.

When Judas betrayed Jesus, he took that decision in a frenetic mood because he wants money and moved by financial items. Judas took the decision to betray / sell Jesus in a way but we know how he ended.

Ephesians 5 verses 22 was clear on the position of people and in relationship to church and God. These decisions were made by God in how people should relate. In Romans 8 verses 28, the Bible still buttressed this “all things work for good for those that love God… if God be for us who can be against us”

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