(When Jesus does come again it’s NOT to save you but to JUDGE you and your talents like in that popular parable!)- So, it Time to get up and go get it what is yours using the talents you have ALREADy Been given!

For those of you out there who are full of the Holy Spirit but still broke in your bank accounts, Don’t ever get it twisted When it comes to financial survival here on earth

Here is some bitter but true REALITY CHECKS for you:

God is NOT coming to save you (He already gave you dominion over all things on earth!). So it’s not about waiting for God to bless you with riches anymore but for you to go out there and withdraw it with smart work and diligent hustle. Remember: God gave Palestine Lands to Isreal Over 4,000 years ago but they are still fighting for it even today! What makes you think you are different or more blessed? Why would you expect to live in houses you did not build without first fighting to eject the current occupants? Wake up!

Night Vigil won’t save you! night Vigil is good but you cannot reap by prayer at Night what you have not sowed in hard work in the morning . Remember: God cannot be mocked. A man will reap what he sowed. Period.

Really, think about it. What makes you think God will eat His own words for you and let you reap what you did not sow? What kind of just God will He be then? You sowed indolence and then expect your pastor to pronounce prosperity into your life as the harvest. Oje! Wrong number!

Your Govt won’t save you. Your Président, Governor and Senators all spent BILLIONS to win elections and get to power (including handing our Free rice and tomatoes) and you will be deluded if you think they won’t first figure out how to recoup their ‘investment’ before thinking of you. Don’t be deceived, You already collected what they owed you in advance with that free rice and Garri they handed out at election time. Now it’s their turn to reap their ‘rewards’

Gurus won’t save you. The job of coaches and gurus is to point the way, show you How To do it and even give you the tools but NOTHING will happen until you get out there and burst your butt IMPLEMENTING what you learnt from them. So stop blaming ‘scammy’ gurus who ‘took your money’. They gave you products, materials, Videos etc right?. So, what the heck did u do with it before you started whining that it’s all scam? Did u even complete one funnel despite paying thousands to learn how to do one? Did u compete your product and put it out there despite paying a lot to learn how to do it?

Your simply ‘Naming and claiming it’ won’t save you. It would only make JESUS keep laughing at you from heaven. There is nothing to claim again. He already gave you all . You just have to work it out with fear and trembling and get what he already yours. Jesus ALREAY named and claimed it for you from His father!

So if you are out there thinking how unfair this world is and how it’s unfortunate that your Govt is not helping you, or wondering why you were born in a messed up country, Or why your pastors prayer over your life covering the last 100 Night vigils you attended has not yet come true, STOP WHINING.

Believe it or not, your being broke It’s your own damn fault!

It’s your fault that you have heard and seen many people succeed in different businesses but never really tried to follow through on any yourself (you are busy arguing about Apc and Pdp instead of doing some serious smart work!)

Background concept wordcloud illustration of poverty

It’s your fault that the trainings you got are not working becos you never really strived hard to implement what you learnt until you are profitable but you keep jumping from one idea to the next buying all sorts of stuff and then wake up one day to whine against the sellers.

its your fault you are still broke becos Many people have used the same type of phone you are using to read this rant to make a lot of money for themselves but you use yours to share stupid videos, troll and abuse successful people and generally lament about how no one cares about you or the youths as if they were your parents.

Yes, you don’t like to hear it but your continuing poverty is YOUR fault until you determine to do something about it. You work your way out by by owning your situation. Stop blaming others and then start taking positive actions to change the situation

I am not being dismissive or heartless but what has all those people who ‘loved’ you and told you it’s not your fault or people who keep giving you permission to remain poor by telling you should just look to God as author and finisher of your faith done for you? Of Course God has FINISHED your faith by coming to show YOU AND I the way and then being killed for his efforts to liberate you, so stop listening to misquoted scripture by other broke Christians.

As hard as it sounds please NOTE Jesus is already sitting at the right hand of God and all He is waiting for now is to come back and JUDGE YOU , not to save you. He already thought you that whatever you bind or looses on earth would ALREADY have been loosed or bound in heaven . Think! What that means is that JESUS already turned the key to open all your riches in heaven and now he is waiting for you to TURN YOURS so you can experience all He promised but you keep praying for him to keep turning the key he already turned 2.000 years ago! Pray for success all you Andy but Jesus is NOT going to do anything more until YOU do your own faith. Your riches are ALREADY loosed in heaven. So stop praying for it to be loosed in heaven and start working to loose it here!

So as you relax after getting another does of palliative in your churches today, you must ask yourself: WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY FAITH IN GOD ON MONDAY MORNING!


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