I always tell any lady that genuinely desires to settle down in marriage (with a suitable man) that the first thing to do away with is the ‘sugar daddy’-if there is any in her life.

Those who have found themselves in such settings will confirm to you that very few things are as addictive as dating a married man…especially a RICH one.

Some ladies have so cultivated their ‘sugar daddy taste’ -that they inadvertently favour ‘older men’ as suitors.

To start with, a man whose business or lack of it with you is based on ‘pleasure’, is most likely going to turn a blind eye to your ‘flaws’. Not because he is an angel but because he is not going to take you home…so, he stresses less. And focuses more on the ‘objective’ of your presence in his life.

It can never be so with a single guy that is on the lookout for a ‘wife material’. Men become ‘choosy’ when they want to settle down and a lot of your ‘bad manners’ will not only appall a single guy, he will most likely not tolerate such…especially when you don’t call the shots economically.

Some men have actually confirmed that more than half of the ladies they dated(especially as married men) still made moves to come back to them(as lovers)-even after these ladies have been married. This goes to lend credence to what I am talking about; ‘a sugar daddy affair’ is very addictive.

Such ladies plunged into marriage with the mindset of how ‘dreamy’ things were with a ‘sugar daddy’, only to be shell shocked by the ‘wake- up’ call of marriage.

You can’t get a grasp of real relationship with a ‘sugar girl’ mentality…which is largely a fantasy.

If you desire the touch of a real relationship…quit the sugar daddy affair first and date a regular guy. That will begin to re-orientate your mind towards certain realities that obtain in regular relationships…which will ‘mirror’ a marriage-to some extent.

Again, you will learn RESPECT… because a lady that is into ‘sugar daddies’ is bound to regard (attitudinally) every other guy, who doesn’t measure up to her lover as a ‘small boy’.

The mentality (best described as ‘condescending’) of girls that bed ‘senior men’ is very different from those of girls that date guys that are within their age bracket.

It’s very hard for a lady that is into ‘sugar daddies’ to think beyond what obtains with her married lover and the trappings of such settings.
It will also take a huge willpower to move on and not look back.

So, if you desire to settle down in marriage with an eligible bachelor, the first thing you should get done with is your sugar daddy!

That’s even when you will have the desire to give any single guy around you a chance and actually ‘bend down’ to nurture the relationship.

You cannot get serious feelers from a relationship you are doing on ‘part time’ basis. You won’t even concentrate enough to read the writings on the wall clearly before making your final decision.

Most ladies only begin to ask themselves ‘’what did I get myself into’’, after they have jumped into a marriage they were too ‘busy’ (during courtship) to watch closely…because ‘sugar daddy’ was there to cushion certain effects.

Mind you, progress in a relationship is not when you hop from one married lover to another-especially for a lady who desires to settle down.

Even without being told, you should know when to ‘clean up’…in order to advance.

A reasonable person does come to the realization that everything in life is a phase and that-if you must get to the next stage… you get your acts together to quit the current one!





From Jimmy AbiaAbia

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