Stella Oduah, the Senator representing Anambra North, has returned to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after a stint with the APGA ! A move that has gotten the political watchers and pundit worried. Also a move that has been noted to be a deft or death moves in a state that is ruled and controlled by APGA.

The pretty lady and the former Aviation Minister said she felt the party “had sound ideological leanings native to Igboland”.

The statement reads: “Politics has always been about ideology and delivering service to the people for me, because I believe leadership is all about solving problems.

“Political platforms must afford members unfettered opportunity to participate in the electoral process and to solve the problems of their community, constituency and state.

Though this statement isn’t going well with some folks in Anambra. They have gone to the street to let the world know that all that glitters ain’t gold after all and Stella ain’t gold in PDP!

With placards and a lot of inscriptions, they hit the streets of Anambra State , the commercial nerve centre of South East telling PDP to be sure whom they allow in their fold. Would Willie Obiano,the APGA Governor of Anambra allow this ? Time would tell.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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