2019 has been ushered and politically speaking, there are a lot of things to expect, from the elections, to swearing in of winners and also state police, if the bill sails through. Speaking on this,Ike Ekweremadu, the Senate Vice President and one of the too PDP chieftains said in his new year address .

Speaking on positive outlook of the nation, Ekweremadu encouraged Nigerians to be optimistic. He said “Let’s embrace 2019 with hope and the belief that Nigeria will eventually get to the Promised Land. We already have what it takes to be great as a nation, but we have to give every individual as well as every part of the country a sense of belonging and the opportunity to make the utmost contributions it is capable of.”

On the issue of division and nation building, he encouraged Nigerians not to relent. He added that “Justice and equity build a nation, but injustice, inequity, and divisive tendencies are huge setbacks to any nation.”

“Also, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me reiterate that we cannot continue with same centralised policing that has failed us over the years and hope to get a different result. The huge losses in lives and property incurred by the nation in 2018 can be avoided in the years ahead if we decentralise our policing”, he added.

On the issue of security, the lawmaker made it known that Nigeria is working on bills to revamp the police system and make it in tandem with other countries.
“Nigeria is the only federal system in the entire world that operates unitary police system. We had sub-national police services from the colonial period up to 1966 and Nigeria was better off. Centralised policing has failed us woefully and we have to revert to what works in other federal jurisdictions to effectively combat the security challenges facing the country”, he opined .

“There is currently a Bill for the creation of state police before the National Assembly, which I sponsored along with several of my colleagues. That Bill also takes care of the fears expressed by many, including the fear of possible abuse by state governors. ”

The Senate vice president showed high level of optimism and he promised Nigerians that there would be bills that would be signed that is meant to change their lives and secure their properties. In his final words,”It is, therefore, my hope that all the political actors and well meaning Nigerians will collectively push for the passing and signing of the Bill in 2019 so Nigerians can sleep with their two eyes closed.”

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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