Communication has always been a key attribute of humans, Christians inclusively. Communication can be broadly divided into two parts namely verbal and non – verbal communications. Christians aren’t expected to act the way non-Christians do. The bible is clear on these things, there has always been a template on mode of conduct of any Christ following member. Also the bible has code of conducts on how we must conduct and comport ourselves during the time of adversity or happiness.
Apart from communication and how to communicate, it is expected that Christian must have critical attributes that mirror the Christ in us. Attributes like compassion, love, responsibility, praying life and others is a must in the life of every Christian.

Good Communication:
How do you communicate? Matt 5:37 tells us that our yes should be yes and our no, no. Anything outside of this is erroneous. Job’s wife advised him to curse God and die, but Job told her she speaks like one of the foolish women (Job 2:9-10). When a woman wants to put you under pressure, keep silent. Even in our communication with God during prayers, some people sleep off while praying because they are not clean enough to appear before God. Remember, Joseph had to cleanup before appearing in pharaoh’s presence when he was brought from prison.

Love and compassion:Love enhances good relationship (Proverbs 10:12). Hatred stirs up strife, while love covers sins. There are bedroom communications, kitchen, sitting room, early morning communications etc. Choose which one works for you in your relationship. Love makes relationships blossom. A man cannot say he hates his brother whom he sees and love God whom he does not see, because it’s easier to love who you see (1 John 4:20). No man can say he has seen God, but if we love one another, God dwells in us, and His love is perfected in us (1 John 4:12). When you say people don’t love you, then you need to ask yourself “who have I loved?”

It is easy to know when love is gone. How? It is when someone starts or partner starts complaining. Love covers multitude of sin, so the complaints indicates that love is gone. The Bible asked man to love his wife, and a woman to submit to her husband.

Prayer: A family will have to be one (in one accord) to pray together, then they can stay together. Never take your problems to someone who cannot solve it. Why discuss your marital issues with an unmarried person? You must be mature to venture into marriage. Men marry, boys don’t marry. Only men marry wives. When there are issues, your parents are not the right people to go to. They will take sides. Go to your Pastor instead. He can resolve the issue without bias. Micah 7:5 admonishes us not to put our trust in a friend.

Responsibility: man is the head of the family, and so has to take responsibility. If you respect your husband as a woman, you will know everything about him. A woman doesn’t have to be troublesome, and a man doesn’t have to talk too much. When you talk too much, you say things you’re not supposed to say. God will ask the man first before anyone else. Just like He did in the garden of Eden. A Proverbs 18:24 talked about a friend that sticks closer than a brother, that friend is your wife. Take responsibility for her and your family.

Agreement and Understanding: it takes two to tango. Two cannot walk together except they agree (Amos 3:3). They must be a balance. These much problems exist because the world is out of balance.
Happiness/Joy: you can create happiness. You have the power to create happiness. The joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).
Respect for one another: Do not talk down on your partner. Take sentiments that will create problems out of your relationship. We must appreciate the fact that God created everyone be it big or small, be it poor or rich, be it fine or ugly; we must learn how to show appreciation and love for everyone because God in his infinite wisdom do not create ugly things.

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