Sponsored: Here comes the Fruits and Vegetables Fair 2017



The objective of this first ever Fruits and Vegetables Fair (VegeFair) is to promote knowledge about the attitudes toward organic fruits and vegetables among Nigerian consumers, and support our local farmers and fruits & vegetables processing companies to remain focus and produce more for the consumption of Nigerians, and to foster the Federal Government’s agenda on developing the agric sector.

Speaking with the organisers, Mr. Emeka Roberts- CEO of Mekprovent , who stated that Our immune system is like an internal army, when it’s strong, it protects its border against invasion. When it’s weak it’s as if the army is fast asleep. A weakened immune system increases the incidence of virus and bacterial invasion, with issues such as skin disorders, delayed wound healing, upper respiratory infections, aging and chronic illness taking a toe on our health. Eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet is an important key to help boost immune health.

The fiber coming from many Fruits and Vegetables helps to fill us up without filling us out. Also, adding salad, fruits and cooked /fresh vegetables gives us the satisfaction of having more and feeling satisfied without the downside of eating too much of foods that don’t provide us with the nutrients we need.
The consumption of Fruits and vegetables boosts our confidence and this is necessary for our everyday life!

Our appetite and desire for foods high in sugar. For many of us, these cravings are so strong we can feel powerless as we spend years, often decades struggling with binge, emotional and disordered eating. This cycle is not only harmful to our health and our waistlines, but is damaging to our mental and emotional health as well.

Nothing gives us lasting energy more than a healthy diet along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. With lasting energy, everything you do and set out to achieve can be done in a bigger, better and bolder way!

Mr. Emeka went further to say that the Fruits and Vegetables Fair (Vegefair) which will be a yearly event, is one that sets to bring all Fruits & Vegetables Farmers, Fruits & Vegetables Processing Companies, Importers & Exporters, Researchers, Marketers, Distributors, Equipment Suppliers for Fruits & Vegetables Processing, MDA’s, and Cooperatives to exhibit their products and services, linkup with experts in the industry, and provide the general public the technics in preserving fruits & vegetables and its related products for a healthy consumption / usage.

All Nigerians are invited to come around during the period for their Fresh, Dried and well processed fruits & vegetables products, and also interact with the producers.

The event comes off on the 3rd& 4th October, 2017 at the Art & cultural Centre Abeokuta Ogun-State, Registration is currently on-going
For further enquiries on the event, send a mail to: mekprovent@gmail.com

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