Speed limit, Nigeria’s foremost institution and driving academy celebrates one year of the industry that is very competitive and filled up with a lot of quackery in the name of driving instructors. Speed Limit as a firm has upped the game and established themselves as one of the best driving academy in the country. A feat that  is rare for a new entrant.

In the words of Mr. Chidi Iwu, “We are elated to be celebrating after one year of establishment, we have had some teething challenges during the establishment of this firm, we had a mission to change the narrative of driving academy and how it is being viewed by Nigerians. We intended to bring in our exposure and experience of what is applicable in the developed climes to Nigeria.though, it wasn’t an easy route to take initially, but we said to ourselves never to cut corners and we are glad that after a year of establishing this academy, we are glad we made that move.”

In an age of automation and seamless driving, todays’s cars have been built to be easy to drive with a lot of choices to make. Driving a car today isn’t that difficult. Push the stick to D and off you go. Though, some conservative minded ones  still maintain that the best form of cars are the Manual drive or what they call shift.   Shifting the stick to “D” is one thing and knowing the rule of the road is another. Speed Limit Driving Academy , one of the finest driving school has redefined and modernized driving instruction experience for both individual and corporate organisations in the country .

With global best practice in mind, Speed Limit Driving Academy has gone a step ahead by introducing advisory services to individuals and corporate organization. Offering periodic manpower and capacity building workshop for logistic firms and transport companies in Nigeria. Speed Limit has added value added services to those that approach their academy for for driving instructor by assisting them to get their relevant driving papers such as vehicle license, Drivers permit/license , Road worthiness  and other  relevant documents.

Speed Limit Driving Academy is accredited by the relevant agencies in Lagos state http://frsc.gov.ng/LAGOSDS.pdf and by the Federal Road Safety Corps http://speedlimiter.frsc.gov.ng/Accredited-Vendors  http://taskytech.com/list-accredited-driving-schools-lagos-abuja-port-harcourt/


Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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